Writers are the New Censors

Writers are supposed to be all for the right to free expression and the free flow of ideas, right? Well this is no longer the case, now they ARE the new censors.

This had to happen; People who call themselves WRITERS have signed a letter to pressurize publishers to ban Trump, and anyone who has worked for him:
The message is; do not publish a Trump memoir. Stay away from him.

The letter was penned by Barry Lyga.


The LA Times reported on January 15; more than 250 authors, editors, agents, professors and others in the American literary community signed an open letter this week ‘opposing’ any publisher that signs book deals with President Donald Trump or members of his administration.

Former DC Comics president Paul Levitz, journalist Sarah Weinman and author Celeste Ng are among the signatories of the letter, written by novelist Barry Lyga titled: No Book Deals for Traitors.

The justification?; they warble on about the publishing industry chasing money and disreputable people through sweetheart book deals then affirm the administration of Donald Trump should be considered a uniquely mitigating criterion when considering book deals.

They refuse to dismiss a bad idea on principle rather they justify it under certain circumstances setting a precedent for similar action when the occasion demands it, again and again……..

This is the reason why these people cannot be trusted-ever.

By these people I mean those of a certain political persuasion.

Then they give the obligatory political spiel about the Trump administration; caged children, performing involuntary surgeries on captive women, scoffing at science and the pandemic, you know, more of the same old, same old………..

It’s all about politics but we knew that.

They conclude with this statement; and no one who incited, suborned, instigated, or otherwise supported the January 6, 2021 coup attempt should have their philosophies remunerated and disseminated through our beloved publishing houses.

What! Beloved publishing houses? I’m sure no writer in the last ten thousand years has ever used that phrase.

It seems like the author and signers of the letter are down on their knees looking for their own book deals?

Maybe they afraid of any competition and want to cancel it.

Since the invention of language, writers have fought to win the freedom to WRITE without interference.

In the process, they’ve been arrested, charged, prosecuted, convicted, imprisoned, tortured, and murdered.

That’s the history of the war.

And now this little lawless band of — writers — wants censorship.

So these contemporary buffoons want to cancel Trump, fine. Who’s next then?

You’re every censor who ever existed. You think you’ve got a special case with Trump. You don’t have a clue; you don’t know anything about the history of writers.

And I’m sure nobody wants to read one of your crappy books either.