Why Women are Easily Duped.

Ann Carriage
2 min readJul 5, 2021


Studies show that while men lie with impunity women are much more easily duped so one bad trait of each sex, in this case liars and dupes, feed the other; and it works the other way as well; where dupes give liars license to act the way they do.

Women are accused of having a keen sense of misguided compassion consuming emotional rhetoric like; children in cages and mindless slogans like love is love.

They are also more likely to embrace loosey goosey religion because it reflects their own mindset back at them.

For goodness sake Jesus told them to open those borders now and let those illegals in, dammit; so be kind.

Not forgetting women social justice warriors outnumber men by far which proves the points made here.

If women in general are all heart and no head it stands to reason they susceptible to manipulation by anyone with an understanding of psychology, whether that be the elites, men or the more shrewd of their own kind.

Women have always been on the frontlines of activism although it was different back then.

In a time when females had little social agency it was to be expected they needed to feel useful outside of their prescribed roles; especially once their child rearing days were over.

Although social justice had a particular appeal to the older woman who was unattached and fancy free.

With so many opportunities for women today it’s less clear why social activism has reached critical mass the way it has; yes activists are much younger with no familial responsibilities; so there’s that.

The main culprit is primary, secondary and tertiary education which trains youth up in the way they should go; and it’s a one way dead end street.

Learners are taught to play nicely and what to think, but not how to think.

Consequently critical thinking has been on critical life support for decades now.

Feminists hate it when women are referred to as hysterical, well they made good use of the vapors back then; but whether it was due to too tight corsets or delicate sensibilities is up for debate; but probably a bit of both.

Yet consider the Salem Witch Trials and the Great Awakening; were these events not prime examples of female hysteria on display.

These days hysteria has been channeled into social justice activism and compelled speech; and I’m not talking about the legal kind.

Now here’s a link to that understated study.



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