Why They Hate 9/11 Dissent.

This Saturday sees the Twentieth Anniversary of 9/11 and as memorial ceremonies gear up all over the country; it’s time to hone in on the most audacious terrorist attack to ever take place on US soil.

The attack came with a clear message, hubris was its name, it was the equivalent of a giant raised middle finger and the ultimate eff you.

It was a missive to the US yes, but more than that it was addressed to a special type of American, proud patriots.

Naïve in a way, they were too trusting of figures like the Bushes, Dick Cheney, Lindsay Graham, Donald Rumsfeld, Paul Wolfowitz and Henry Kissinger.

Cheney was caught out in a secret address to his donors dissing his constituents; snidely remarking he had to make sure he didn’t mix up his two speeches, one to voters and the other to his financial backers, or they (the voters) would know who he really represents; words to that effect.

The official story and the theories on the reasons for the 9/11 attack, as well as the finer details of what happened on the day, will never be agreed on; which is to be expected.

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth pounded the National Institute for Standards and Technology official investigative report into the collapse of the World Trade Centre.

Another report said explosive material was found in the dust spread throughout Manhattan by 9/11 investigators, which should have been a red flag; but it wasn’t.

Yet in a move that stretched credulity we were told hijacker Mohammed Morsi’s passport was found buried under tons of rubble in pristine condition.

There’s also the mystery of World Trade Center 7; reports said it caught fire from the burning embers of the Twin Towers and collapsed.

The story was contested with the reason for the building’s collapse put down to a planned demolition job.

There’s the proof of the hubris right there; 9/11 planners left their calling card it seems.

What those so passionately opposed to what they like to call conspiracy theories, which is anything outside of the established narrative, fail to understand, is this; US grand plans for the Middle East were known so cause and effect were at work. This is pivotal.

Another cause and effect was The War on Terror; still another to set off the predicted Clash of Civilizations.

Other causes and effects that arose out of the ashes of 9/11 were the loss of personal freedoms, the loss of privacy, the attack on religious faith in the west, and the roll out of the mass surveillance state; all in all, no mean feat.

You see, the causes and effects just keep rolling; maybe you can think of others? What about the indirect kind like proxy wars, mass migration, and terrorism?

By now it should be apparent to anyone with any savvy that 9/11 wasn’t a haphazard attack by a ragtag bunch of extremists, but a well-planned and executed venture; backed by parties who had means and influence at their disposal.

What you don’t get to do is say that 9/11 didn’t change everything.

But what to do when the owners of plantation planet tell the serfs outright what they are doing, what they have planned even how they’ll do it while the plebs just go on chewing on their cud.

No amount of truth telling is ever going to awaken minds that have been smothered from birth.

Nothing will shake their rigid belief in authority, so sickening to behold, for just a moment.

It’s like social critic and author George Carlin said; it makes me less fun at parties than I used to be, but it sits well with my soul that I’m able to see things as they are, not as I wish them to be.

Then there the faces of these men of lies, faces any half-way decent person would love to punch; men who have their hands covered in the blood of the innocents who speak out of both sides of their drooling mouths.

Altogether and all things considered it’s been nothing but a few centuries of bullshit and still counting.

The only question is when will they reap what they have sowed?

The Patriot movement’s 9/11 catchphrase is; we will never forget.

Even though twenty years have passed the message is still dissent will not be tolerated?

If you need proof; film director Spike Lee was forced to remove a half-hour segment dedicated to skeptics of the 9/11 narrative from his documentary because of the media backlash.

One analyst asks what happened to this “fifth column” of democracy; (the media) maybe he said it in jest because it just doesn’t exist.

Then he pointed to the changes in journalism:

Before television came along, reporters were hacks: working-class guys who wore their suits poorly and smoked too much.

Nowadays they are college grads with master’s degrees and big ambitions. Their role models are the millionaire voices of CNN and Eyewitness News anchorpersons.

I don’t know about that, journalists were always considered the vassals of rich men, for at least the last few hundred years, they just hid the fact and pretended to be objective, the reason they smoked and drank too much.

Imagine if you will that type of pressure.

That money controls the message was as true then as it is now.

Here is where he gets right; journos are cheer leaders for not only overpaid news anchors, but their billionaire owners.

That they aspire to be like them is cause for concern.

Journalists don’t take long to understand on which side their bread is buttered. They jump at the well-paying jobs, and slowly the resistance to any type of “conspiracy theory” builds.

While it’s a journalist’s job to dish the dirt wherever they see it they soon realize certain stories are out of bounds.

Like someone in the know says; there must have been plenty of journalists in New York and Washington who received good tipoffs in the aftermath of 9/11.

But were told by their editors; we aren’t in the conspiracy theory business.

Armchair critics have replaced journalists and you see it all the time.

Journos think it’s their job to present an even narrative and steer the public away from dangerous ideas; see the problem here.

No wonder the pursuit of truth has fallen by the wayside which is just one more reason why journalists can’t be trusted.

And they hate to be outed for the frauds they are which is why they pick on and despise truth seekers.