Why the Conspiracy Theory Narrative is a Mind Control Tool

A commentator on Twitter, who called numerous articles on electoral fraud loony conspiracy theories led me to mull over this old chestnut of a topic.

Calling something a conspiracy theory is a license to dismiss narratives that don’t fit in with ideas of how the world works, so these theories threaten the basis of people’s assumptions which is exactly why they unsettling.

At the heart of it, the conspiracy theory trope is a mind control tool to ridicule and discredit stories that challenge official narratives.

The trick is to mentally associate conspiracy theories with crazy and use it as a trigger, just as Pavlovian dogs are trained to drool on cue; a brainwashing technique that is apparently just as effective in certain humans.

It’s essentially a mind f**ck but one with repercussions as it conditions people to not go there on certain topics.

Which is why so many respond like automatons to any narrative that does not carry the media’s stamp of approval?

It is a way to get obedient citizens to agree with the party line and make sure they not swayed in another direction where they question a makeshift reality.

Painting Conspiracy Theories as irrational provides a blanket cover to reject narratives one doesn’t agree with, without having to examine or determine whether they right or wrong other than you know, cuckoo.

Believing in Conspiracy theories is seen as wrong think so the propaganda machine gears up to enforce right think, which should be enough to make anyone think.

Media Culpable

There is so much talk about post truth right now, but what people forget is journalists have always been post truth so nothing new here.

It all began with private ownership and monopoly of the printing presses with Journalists often referred to as prostitutes and lackeys way-back- when, bottom line is they have always been messengers (just not of the truth) with their job (not to publish fact) to write what they told.

Trouble is too many people don’t or won’t acknowledge this as basic and it’s worrying.

Journalists represent the interests of those who pay their salaries so naturally the slant is skewed in favor of those politics and the type of world they after, as the press tend to ignore stories that conflict with the image of reality they try to sell.

Some years ago, a prominent German News Editor provided shocking details of how media operates and how journalists are paid to lie.

As he tells it; many journalists aren’t even accredited instead they plants that work with intelligence and have links to agencies who offer inducements like promotion, free travel and accommodation in exchange for pushing a line.

He was bribed himself, but one story he related is particularly hair-raising.

He was approached by German intelligence agents who visited him at his office and asked him to publish an article on the Iraq war on one condition.

They would write the piece and all he had to do was publish it, under his own name.

It says it all.

Don’t blame people for the nagging feeling the media is hiding things because the fact is, they are.

From Ridiculous to Threatening

Anti-conspiracy theorists believe those who drive and circulate these theories are responsible for polluting clean rivers instead of just maybe; these rivers were swamps to begin with.

Conspiracy theories hold up a mirror that reflects another reality so of course they represent a threat.

The opposition is not naïve they just have a vested interest in ensuring their version prevails so they have to deny, deny.

It follows the next step is censure in light of the fact the world is more polarized than at any other time and authorities and their partners-in-crime are feeling the heat.

I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous