Why did they reveal the Minsk Agreements were designed to set-up Russia! And Why Now?

Former German Chancellor Angela Merkel set the ball rolling with her take on the Minsk Agreements early last month.

In a December interview with De Zeit she claimed; the agreements were an attempt to buy Ukraine time to strengthen its military and to prepare for a future confrontation with Russia.

More recently the former president of France, Francois Hollande spoke with the Kyiv Independent saying; Angela Merkel is right on this point. The Minsk Agreements stopped the Russian offensive for a time.

Then went onto say; what was important was how the west would use this respite to halt the advance of Russia.

While Vladimir Putin made gains in the Donbass “we led him to accept the Normandy format and to come to Minsk for the negotiations.”

He admits the Ukraine army of now is a different one from that of 2014; and it is to the credit of these agreements that this is how things have panned out. This tells us all we need to know.

So what these two former heads of State allude to is this. The Minks Agreements were a ruse to deceive and stop Russia in its tracks, and empower Ukraine, though on the quiet.

Yet all this stands at odds with the spirit of the agreements and their stress on peace and diplomacy. At least this is what we were told.

Merkel and Hollande admit they went along with it which makes them complicit. Though this is not the point they are trying to make it seems.

So why do they want to reveal this now? Well, to point the finger at the role played by the US through its control of NATO and the EU. It is the blame game. And their idea is to call out the US.

Which means by extension they side with Russia.

Which begs the question was Russia party to the real plan too? Is this about US-Russia wargames when all is said and done? And does Russia stand to gain Ukraine land as a prize in some peace deal for all its troubles? I say yes; it is not as if the issue has not been raised before.

Reading between the lines Europe tires of the endless US wars for profit, its goals, its influence and all the political theatre. It hates that Russia is coerced into going along in its role as the US controlled opposition. It hates that it is forced to play along too; as more often than not it, it works against their own political and economic interests. They don’t want to be the US’s lapdog. Not anymore.

For this reason they choose to go public with what they know to be a fact. They saying look, forget all the hype this is the way things work behind the curtain and we sick of it.

And so is everybody else.

It is a massive psyop when you think about it but one that has real world consequences at the end of the day.

Political animal, interested in the story behind the story. A concepts driven individual.

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Ann Carriage

Political animal, interested in the story behind the story. A concepts driven individual.