When Revival is the Word You Heard.

Ann Carriage
3 min readMar 3, 2023


Being a sceptic is a good thing, am I right? Especially in a time such as this when universal deceit is the name of the game. I mean it is not as if we were not warned. Both secular prophets and religious texts hint at the same thing.

See to it you are not deceived exhorts one such verse.

Revivals are a national pastime in traditional protestant circles in the US. Now it seems as if everyone wants one.

The Asbury Revival is over after more than two weeks; hardly a long one by revival standards. Okay we learn that the University decided to shut it down to allow student- life to get back to normal. Disrupting was the word that I read. Mm. You have to wonder what they are NOT saying. This at a Christian university who you would think would have the welcome mat out. For as long as it took. They did promise to let the revival run its course so what happened?

As it has been pointed out Asbury does not resemble the revivals of The Great Awakenings at all; not even close.

Asbury supporters get cagey when this is pointed out and mutter about the Spirit ‘doing a new thing’.

This new thing maybe ever so convenient and not without cause for concern.

Words like love, equality and social structure are being thrown around. Why the buzz words. It is out of place in a sacred setting but to what end you can guess.

Now here is the clincher the film The Jesus Revolution made its debut a few days ago. The hubris has not ceased since. In fact you have to see it to believe it. Anecdotes abound on social media; they make it appear that most everybody was part of this movement; which is a lie. People lap it up like it is the best thing since sliced bread. What gives?

The press both Christian and secular have given the film rave reviews, now if this alone does not make you sit up and take note nothing will. Hollywood has gone all gaga as well or so we are told.

Many are trying to juxtapose the Alsbury revival with the Jesus Revolution to make it look like they are in fact one and the same thing. Their aim is to sell rebellion and brand it as revival. Christian what is wrong with you why you are asleep?

The big ship is taking in water and the last thing we need is for old hippies and their heirs to build an altar to themselves; and expect the rest of us to kowtow to it. Or to take heed of anything they have to say.

I smell a rat. This is the work of big money and their mouthpiece media. But they do not work alone. This is what the Gospel of Accommodation looks like. Your Christian leaders are sell outs only they won’t tell you this to your face.

They prefer to connive behind closed doors.

Flashing the peace sign and singing Kumbaya won’t be enough to get you off the hook. The wolf is at the door and its desire is for you.

There is no need to go into what the desired outcome of all this is, read between the lines.

I am sure we will learn more about the actors involved in due course. It will be illuminating of that you can be sure.



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