When Kissinger Met Putin; the War of the Bankers

Ann Carriage
5 min readAug 29, 2018

On February 3 2016 Russian President Vladimir Putin hosted a meeting at his suburban residence with global consultant Henry Kissinger the former U.S. Secretary of State cum National Security Adviser.

Their get together was a private affair at the special request of Kissinger so its significance in respect of timing and agenda can only be speculated on but let’s take a look at some of those theories from both a Western and Russian perspective.

The Western View

Western mainstream media interpreted the event as a sign a future Trump Administration would prioritize improving Russian U.S. relations with Kissinger playing the role of mediator — pointing out that Kissinger was a close confidant to the presidential hopeful in the past as well as a major ally of Putin.

This spin may have kicked-off the foreign interference narrative creating the impression a Trump Presidency had the blessing of influential global players who were somehow working behind the scenes to secure a favorable outcome for The Donald.

But more importantly all three men were considered representatives of conservative interests- with Donald Trump the Republican Party Presidential candidate — Henry Kissinger having served under Republican Administrations and Vladimir Putin’s Government supposedly having veered to the right of the political spectrum.

The Russian Reaction

The Russian press was quick to acknowledge Kissinger was no ordinary politician but a seasoned globalist and member of the American elite noting his visit with Putin wasn’t personal but most likely devoted to global strategic objectives.

Pravda Ru claimed such a meeting always happens for global and complicated issues such as Russian-American actions in the world — wars — global markets and revolutions.

As a rule these consultations don’t involve negotiations but rather both sides declaring their intentions.

It’s really a battle between the Clinton and Bush Dynasties aka crime families sponsored by global investment bankers with globalist kingpin Kissinger representing the Bushes.

Furthermore the U.S. for all intents and purposes is bankrupt and the side that loses the political fight will have to deal with the financial fallout of tens of trillions of dollars of American debt.

At this point it’s worth noting the U.S. Feral Reserve is a private institution and as the author of the Pravda. Ru article notes Russia helped set it up.

The upshot of the article is that the Bush clan needs Russia’s money- Russia’s armed forces and Russia’s political support to defeat the Clintons and destroy their banker backers holding them accountable for footing the U.S. national debt bill in exchange they’re willing to give Russia major concessions and support in other areas.

So the stakes are high in this zero sum fight to the death conflict.

It was also pointed out the world is moving toward dismantling the U.S. financial dollar-dominated system with the Americans preparing for what will no longer be a globally connected world so they’re looking to co-opt other economic models and partnerships like BRICS and the Transatlantic Partnership etc.

Those who own the budgets of entire nations are seeking ways to preserve their money under a new financial dispensation so they benefit when the current financial system disappears.

The author of the article is careful to point out that Russia has never interfered in U.S. domestic affairs but predicts Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential race as she was the stronger candidate.

He then offers the startling opinion that the 2016 U.S. elections could possibly be the country’s last because it might become a vastly different nation not too long after.

So its safe to say Russia holds the cards in this high-stakes game where it can determine the fate of the U.S.

Other voices also weighed in on the Kissinger-Putin meeting with the former foreign minister of Ukraine noting this isn’t a chance meeting- Kissinger wouldn’t travel thousands of kilometers just for the fun of it-so we have to deal with certain messages- certain information he’s supposed to bring over — or with probing for reaction to some or other proposals — interestingly he does mention U.S. Russian relations at the top of his list- but I think we’re going to pick up from circumstantial evidence what it was all about.

We’re probably seeing the fruits of this meeting played out in the U.S. right now.

According to Ohryzko the views expressed by the author of World Order and its message that peace is impossible without spheres of influence resonate with both Putin and Kissinger- there must be a balance of power and projection of might- ideas which obviously don’t sit well with Western Universalism and American Empire.

Forbes has said that Kissinger’s consulting firm- Kissinger and Associates- is believed to provide advice to the Kremlin for a fee.

The Cicero Foundation- an American think tank has hinted that commercial interests lay at the heart of the friendship between the two.

A senior fellow of the Brooking’s Institute (Moscow) put it this way; a lobbyist and confederate came to Moscow to demonstrate his support and help breach the Kremlin’s isolation- they have probably discussed what needs to be done to make the West lift those sanctions- both parties have checked their road maps and the guru will act- given his talents we can expect his effort will be fruitful.

She goes onto add that influential forces in Europe are looking forward to resuming business with the Kremlin.

The Way Forward

The Russians seem to agree that despite the U.S.’s aggressive political rhetoric against their country the two still cooperate on vital issues.

The ongoing domestic turmoil we see in the U.S. is the clash of the Bankers through a worldview prism divided further into the political left-right wing paradigm.

It is between the competing forces of a new global world order or one that’s nationally focused with regionally interconnected power structures.

This new world might be a different beast to the Anglo American one we’re accustomed to but it’s still a beast nonetheless that will come with its own problems.

Europe is moving out of the field of American influence with Germany just recently floating the idea of an independent E.U. financial system with France seconding it.

The U.S. needs the distraction of the Russian interference narrative- and yes the Trump Administration is now on board with it as well- to divert the nation’s attention elsewhere while attempting to move forward.

The idea of global power brokers colluding in secret to affect the fate of nations individually and collectively isn’t disputed but what’s important to realize it’s all about strategy — in a game of pawns that transcends the two party political set-up.



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