When it all turns to War For Ukraine and NATO.

From the outset Russia made its intentions clear with the invasion of Ukraine. It was to be a mission rather than a fight and once they had achieved what they had set out to do, they would withdraw. They were to proceed slowly and thoroughly, this is what they aimed for. Casualties would be kept to a minimum.

However the war talk has ramped up over the past week as all sides in this tussle turn belligerent.

The red lines of provocation have been crossed as far as Putin is concerned; so where to from here?

What will change the tempo is for Russia to declare war on Ukraine and NATO member countries.

To do this Putin would need the vote of the Russian people and make no mistake he would get the nod for war.

His approval rating is the highest it has ever been in fact many leaders in the west could not rival it in the best of times. Which does say rather a lot?

Here is the latest bit of news in the region. Or should that be provocations.

Poland and NATO began joint military exercises all around the country yesterday; on Mayday, May 1.

Heavy Military Equipment will be seen on the highways and byways; in the cities and in the countryside.

Now here is something people do not know, it is a different ball game this time around. Poland has prohibited the photographing and the posting of military movements inside the country; these include aircraft take-offs and landings.

Those who do will be subject to prosecution.

Ever since the invasion of Ukraine began; the Polish State Security Ministry has been threatening fines and jail time for posting pictures and announcing Force Movements. Although up till now, no Polish Citizen has been prosecuted.

There have been unconfirmed intelligence reports that Poland; and maybe other NATO members, plan to dispatch armed troops to western Ukraine as “peace keepers.”

HOWEVER, there are other rumblings (also not verified) that Poland intends a land grab of western Ukraine; to take back what was once actual Polish territory (before World War 2).

Some western hawks think that Russia should be pushed out of Ukriane entirely.

Yet this latest bulletin, about what is essentially a news blackout; gives us a lot of pause to reflect.

Why the secrecy for one thing?

Many seasoned observers believe that if Poland tries to push troops into Ukraine they would be confronted by Russian armed forces.

And so the real war begins.

Breaking News Update:

The groundwork is being laid………and it is not good.

Vladimir Putin has declared a 60 day state of emergency in the Belgorod region. Why is this?

Well, one report claims that the Russian Federation is “under attack”. It is not hard to see where this is leading. If Russia is “under attack” they have a right to defend themselves, not so? So will there be an official declaration of war?

Meanwhile in a statement with a throwaway reference to Poland, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov has said; Russia will not tolerate the thieving habits of western counties; it will not allow the theft of its money that it has earned from oil and gas exports.

Remember Poland announced they were ‘stealing’ Russian gas infrastructure to deliver gas; that they had refused to pay for.

Of course Russia could also be referring to nations that “froze” the country’s sovereign wealth funds, gold bullion, central bank reserves, or grabbed assets of Russian oligarchs. All in a concerted effort to oust Vladimir Putin.

In a dramatic shift the White House has stated that its new goal is to reduce Russia’s power and influence in Eastern Europe in the long run.

This change in the moving of the goalposts does not bode well.

“We want to see Russia weaken to the point where it cannot do what it did with the invasion of Ukraine,” said Austin in Poland.

Lavrov has accused Washington and the West of creating another proxy war; and one that will risk another World War.




I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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Cheryl Ann

Cheryl Ann

I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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