When Exes Believe They the Ones Who Know Better.

Ann Carriage
3 min readMar 30, 2024


We live in strange times when apostates and others outnumber the orthodox one hundred to one and insist theirs is the real faith.

Now all manner of blogs and podcasts push for the same brand of non-faith they call the faith while they dis believers as being on the wrong side; of being the real unbelievers in the tale. Or something like that.

A craze called deconstruction has really taken off and upped the ante with all of this.

The lines these folk peddle are always the same, the same progressive tropes ad infinitum. Over and over again; and they never tire of themselves. It’s odd how it works.

For folk who love clichés like doubt is not the opposite of faith and uncertainty is better than certainty they don’t appear fazed over whether they might have it wrong. If they are they don’t show it but push their side of things to the max anyway.

One guy takes a great deal of pride in his pissy attitude. He thinks he is all that and a bag of chips. He deems himself to be the last word in snark; Mr King himself. I don’t know about that but in all honesty he comes across as a bitter-ender. He seems to have issues and for the record he is a bi. Someone should give him some sauce to go with that huge chip on his shoulder. A big dollop of cheese to go with that whine would not be out of place either. Oh man this guy is grating.

Like so many of his fellow podcasters this guy is grandiose; he wants to impose his views on the Church. Just don’t ever say he wants to destroy the faith when all he wants is to improve on it.

Beware of those who tell you they not doing what it look like they want to do; as they call it by another name. And they justify it.

Look it boils down to so many words but no substance. For people who see themselves as up to the task as opposed to those who just talk it is quite the conundrum. And no I am not talking activism at all. The irony is these folk love to talk And all the time. So much energy is expanded on mere words, of trying to get in the last word, of trying to convince and yet they still don’t get it. They fail to argue well and miss the mark every darn time.

And why is this? Because reasoning is not their strong point that is why. This is not the way they see it though.

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