What to make of U.S. Botched Coup in Venezuela

A coup attempt by a U.S. based security contractor vindicates Venezuela’s President Nickola Maduro’s claim America is out to get him serving as a propaganda victory of sorts.

In a bizarre plot, two former U.S. special-forces were among seventeen people arrested in Venezuela and accused of trying to topple the country’s president.

A Florida-based private security contractor allegedly orchestrated the murky operation from the border of Columbia.

The contractor tweeted of the incursion in live-time; a daring amphibious raid was launched from the border of Columbia deep in the heart of Caracas.

Eight operatives were killed by the time the video was posted online after being intercepted by the Venezuelan military.

A second boat of would-be invaders was captured Monday past.

It appears the plot was traced by Venezuelan Intelligence, and picked up by Associated Press which published a detailed account of Jordan Goudreau’s plans three days before the attack.

A former U.S. diplomat described the story as a “Keystone Cops Bay of Pigs”.

Goudreau, a U.S. special-forces veteran, took responsibility for the bungled operation. “The main mission was to liberate Venezuela, to capture Maduro, but the mission in Caracas failed,” he told Bloomberg.

Founded in 2018, Silvercorp, the security contractor says on its website it provides crisis planning and risk management services to governments and companies in over 50 countries.

The company has also provided security at rallies for U.S. President Donald Trump, but Trump denied that the U.S. government had played a role in the attempted coup.

It gets a lot stranger

The Venezuelan opposition has denied any connection to Silvercorp but political strategist J J Rendon told the Washington Post he was asked by Guaido to explore all options to oust Maduro.

It’s alleged that in October 2019 the opposition signed a 219 million dollar agreement with Silvercorp endorsed by its top officials but Guaido rejected the document as unauthentic.

Luke Denman, 34, who was taken into custody during the botched attack, said he was recruited for the coup attempt in December by controversial ex-Green Beret Jordan Goudreau to train dozens of combatants and secure a Caracas airport so that Maduro could be returned to the US.

Asked who commanded “Jordan,” Denman answered, “President Donald Trump.”

Another source attributed the Venezuelan debacle as an attempt by the U.S. to secure the country’s oilfields and gold deposits before China, in a possible prelude to a war with that country.

One source claimed the attempted coup was a poorly planned and timed operation to blame on the Trump administration in an election year.



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