What they Won’t let On. There is Something Rotten about Ukraine.

Ann Carriage
2 min readFeb 20, 2024


The Biden Admin can’t seem to throw money at Ukraine fast enough. There is something horribly off as the headlines are more bizarre than usual. What is it they hiding? Or should the question be what Zelensky has got on them.

So he is a fool but on the off chance it is not Zelensky than whom? The scandal is likely huge and won’t end well I’m certain of it. It will make the Biden family’s dirty dealings seem like small peas.

Listen to this. The US Army says it will run out of money to protect Europe and Africa by May if Ukraine aid isn’t approved. Do you believe this? Well print more money isn’t that what you do? You the masters of fiat money are you not. This comes on the heels of reports on the lavish lifestyles of Ukraine MP’s and families who now live the good life settled in exotic locations abroad. Take Monaco; it is strictly reserved for the uber rich.

Which would help explain the army of trolls who shill for Uktraine where ever you look. In the meanwhile on the ground Ukraine and Russian men die. While this is more of a controlled war there are still casualties.

What kind of shady deal did the US cut is the question. Did it buy off the whole of the damn Ukraine government to keep the kettle of war on the boil? And who knows who or what else.

Come on fess up.

The deadline is May they say? There is speculation that the war against NATO will get off the ground by then too.

Are the two dates linked somehow?

Don’t worry about the ides of March but beware of the ides of May.



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