What is this? Waves of up to 80 Feet moving north?

Ann Carriage
2 min readApr 12, 2024


What is going on? This is the second report I have gleaned on this curious anomaly.

Here then is the story. A strange burst of waves that measure as much as eighty feet have been picked up by the Ventusky Ocean Monitoring System.

These waves are smashing into the Atlantic just off the South West of the African continent right now; what is more these waves of 20 feet plus are expected to move North and reach Europe and the US within the next few days.

One report did say they had received intel that warned of a meteor hit near Madagascar on April the Eighth. This was before the solar eclipse took place. As it turns out; the report was not published due to concerns over its credibility at the time.

The site was also told ‘they’ would not announce it until 8 hours before impact if the plan holds. Which could explain reports of the National Guard; and all the prep talk?

It must be said that the Intel report was very specific with its scientific info. So this was looked into and the story was corroborated.

Here is another thing. There are no observatories in the area where the meteor (was predicted to) hit. So who would pick it up?

Another strange thing; the monitoring system shows it all began in Antarctica; seemingly out of nowhere. From there the waves moved east near Madagascar; and finally into to the Atlantic Ocean on the west side of Africa.

What is to say other than this is twilight zone stuff?

Update; Ventusky now claims this was a model glitch. The software provider The German Meteorlogical Institute has removed the ‘fake’ image to resolve the error, and the forecast is back up and running just fine.

Meanwhile folk say pull the other leg why don’t you …..…..



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