What Do US Globalists Hope For?

Ann Carriage
4 min readJul 26, 2023

Nationalism has been a dirty word in the US for about a decade now but the knee jerk bias against it gained steam over the past seven years; or when Trump took office. We know the tropes so well; white, male and soon to be on the way out Christian nationalist. Wait throw in extremist for good measure oh and while you at it don’t forget fascist; or whatever the word is supposed to mean at this time.

What of those who hurl these accusations in the hope they stick like cheerios' at a breakfast brawl? I think it’s time to shine a light on where they fit in the scheme of things. It takes two to tango you know.

Ever wonder why this group has such contempt for nationalism? Well hang around and you will find out.

First come on a little trip with me further back in time.

Democrat man came first; then the model expanded and evolved over time and global man was born.

Democrat man had big dreams and global man was the means to fulfil them.

The two shared the same traits though the first was held in check by national borders; while the second is not. What ails them has been put down to some sort of existential crisis; so more a spiritual thing. There was some kind of disconnect going on even at that stage.

You have to understand that by nature a globalist seeks to break every tie that binds them to the past. Look at it as them choosing to de-link from what once was. In every way there is. They stand out as an anomaly; different to what has gone before. Out on a limb, I was going to say on a wing and a prayer but they don’t believe such things. Is it an experiment of sorts? Yes; this is the crux of the matter. It is the trouble as well. Either a case of boldly go where no man has gone before or rage against the dying of the light. Take your pick. And what is their greatest fear? That they might not get to see their dream achieved; and time will run out before they do.

Ah the US globalist, what to say about him or her. They are rootless and all at sea at this point. Having rejected their tribe and everything they stand for, now they just wing it.

They have such a sense of disconnect from their countrymen they feel this odd bond with illegal aliens instead. A thing very few can even wrap their heads around. Whoever is responsible for this did quite the job on them.

If we did not know any better we’d think Jesus said to swap the neighbour for the stranger. Well they do bang on about the parable The Good Samaritan ad nauseum but the message sure isn’t about having to let in masses of disparate migrants. Oi vey!

Here is another way to look at it. While the dominionists want to rule on behalf of God the globalists want to rule against him on behalf of themselves; and to stand in the gap for the whole of the human race. They work from the same blueprint but flesh it out to suit. Forget that two kingdoms stuff will you?

The gist of it is it goes belly-up if they get it wrong.

Yet US globalists are stuck with their nationals like it or not. Yes they can try and pull the old dictatorship card but it won’t work, at least not for long.

They love globalist ideas like the Nanny State and of course wide open borders. They envision this shinning utopia on the top of a hill that bids them follow me.

Do they realize though what globalism means for them as a country? I doubt it.

There may be no assigned place for them at the table so to speak. Do they understand globalism represents The New World Order, and this will replace the last one back when the US was in charge post WW2? The US will lose its status for one thing with a big downgrade in order. It will be the end of the dominance of the dollar with all this entails. Old empires are not in the habit of being invited to sit at new tables; this we know.

Do they seek to rule (and live in) in a Mad Max type of global village sans influence if it comes to that? Is this the pinnacle of the US globalist dream?

They have big dreams it seems. Excuse the sarcasm won’t you. Or do they have somewhere else to run to?

It won’t only be the Nationalists who will stand to lose as they seem to think. There is no one who’ll swoop in to save them from themselves either; or each other. They are on their own. They might as well learn to play nicely with their arch foes as there is no choice the way I see it.

When JFK said; For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy…..that relies on covert means…..to expand its influence. What did he mean? Was he pointing the finger at globalists’? Did he see them as the US’s number one enemy? Did he get wind of some well-planned take down?

Was the end game to divide the US along political lines right down the middle; and take the spoils?

Is there a way out of the impasse, the answer seems to be a big fat NO.

What will the US’s date with destiny look like? We will get a glimpse of it in due course.



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