We on the Cusp of Chaos in a 1776 Moment; here is Where he gets it Wrong.

Ann Carriage
3 min readAug 19, 2023

The US is at a revolutionary point in time and it could go one way or the other. These were the words of the youngest Republican to run for president to date. Maybe you know he made this remark in an interview with Tucker Carlson.

The mistake he makes here is that he has the sides configured all wrong. This means he has the revolution wrong too. Which means he misses the fact that it’s not a good thing? It is also all wrong.

To Vivek Ramaswarmy’s way of thinking this is a government versus the people fight. It is a bipartisan battle.

Only it isn’t.

I agree with his point the government likes to hide the truth from the people to cover their tracks in the main, but other than that, this is more of a partisan issue.

Some might not know this but the new progressives of the sixties lined up on the side of the establishment unlike the kind that went before them. What, did you think those ‘ol hippies were only about peace and love? Well do I have news for you many of them were subversives? Remember things are not always what they seem. I mean they were so counter cultural and all? At least it was the way it looked. So who’s your (rich) daddy punk? Is it true everything is a rich man’s trick? ……well yes, but it does depend on how you define rich?

The press as they were known back then was always a more than a little off. It would get worse once they turned into what they are today the mouth pieces of the establishment. They managed to co-opt many of these flower children into their spider-web of deceit. JFK warned of this in an address to the press club. He spoke of a new kind of war carried out by subversives by night; instead of armies by day. It went unheeded and the rest as they say is (now) history.

It was at this time when the words conspiracy theory was first coined. Let’s just agree it has worked so well for them ever since. It goes like this; oh so that is what you believe, well gotcha, conspiracy theory.

They got this to work through mind association. First of all those stories had to be relegated to the realm of the absurd. To do so they had to make these theories synonymous with the ridiculous; so one dismissed what was being said out of hand even if the story seemed as though it could be plausible. And so it became a knee-jerk type of reaction.

These new progressives are statists as long as it is their party that is in power. When not though all bets are off. And the fight is on.

They saw their chance to get what they wanted using the power of the state to do it. As well as employ it against their enemies. So they went for it.

As far as Vivek Ramaswarmy goes I tend to go along with those who poke fun at his pointless conservatism.

While not a RHINO he might as well be as he is just as useless. At least I don’t think he is, just yet. But his reluctance to call a thing a thing is disturbing for one thing. Can’t afford to offend those who you have been told you simply cannot offend is his game.

When you can’t pin something down it is a sign.

Want to bet he is on the WEF’s secret list of promising young leaders of right now?

I, like a good few others don’t trust him, it is that simple.



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