War with Russia in Days.

Ann Carriage
3 min readJun 4, 2024

And here we are. War with Russia is no longer months or weeks away but just a matter of days now so we told.

The warning of look out is a lot sharper and more frequent than it has ever been.

While Biden insists he doesn’t want war this is an outright lie. NATO is pushing for war that is true but we must remember the US is NATO; and they the EU too.

Any problem with Europe is because of the US. It’s not the other way round. Behold the great whore that rides the beast (empire) is a good way to describe it.

Besides Biden needs war to take the focus off what is happening at home. And what is still to come.

Russia has now issued the west with an ultimatum if they dare to poke the bear again.

Today former US Marine and UN Weapons Inspector Scott Ritter was marched off a plane and stopped from visiting Russia. We hear he had accepted an invite to attend some forum. It’s to do with economics I hear. He also had his passport seized.

Former NJ Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano was removed from the same plane; though we have yet to learn the reason why. Could it be for the same thing?

In breaking news the UK’s NHS is reeling under the weight of a huge cyber-attack. They are now being forced to cancel operations and blood transfusions. So this is a critical state of affairs. More of this type of warfare can be expected from now on right down the line.

We read the NATO plan is to get US troops to the front line to fight Russia. Then there is this; the alliance is preparing for the rapid deployment of US soldiers amid fears that Moscow is plotting major war with Europe.

While they try so hard to cover their backsides they fool no one. We know they want war; so their move is right up the alley of US imperialists and Russia haters where ever they may be. It is much more marked now ever since the west hit a fork in the road; and chose the depraved route.

A couple of sources claim June 6th is the day of reckoning. Why this is two days away.

Macron will choose this day to announce he will send French soldiers to Ukraine to shoulder the responsibility of “training” Kiev!

A Declaration of War is it? So those- in- the- know claim. The incumbent dictator of Ukraine President Zelensky, whose term of office expired in May, will be in France at this time as well.

If not war this is provocation of the highest order. They want to send much of the world to Russia’s front door. While armed to the teeth. This would not be tolerated in any other part of the world. Not ever. Though there is more. They hope to create land corridors through much of Europe to be able to easily access any NATO country; and at short notice. This is in the event it looks like any one of these countries maybe at risk of an attack by Russia. This is an insane plan dreamed up by madcaps and psychos; even by American standards. Not that this has ever stopped them.

While the world’s leaders are out of their minds populations of the west are not far behind. They are just as mindless. A quick look around the room will tell you reason left the building a while back. It might very well take a mushroom cloud on the horizon to help force them to focus. If not, nothing will. Then they a lost cause I’m afraid.

Speaking of such clouds; one advisor says Russia should carry out a demo nuclear explosion to prevent Ukraine turning into a direct conflict with the West. He is Dmitry Suslov; who is one of the directors of the Council for Foreign and Defence Policy.

He argues the west could allow Ukraine to strike Russian territory; using long range weapons. Which will take the conflict to a whole another level? And that a policy of containment and intimidation could help to prevent it from getting to that. So do the 11 nuclear Russian submarines that rove the Atlantic Ocean serve the same purpose? Yes; without a doubt they do.



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