Want to Know Who Runs this Joint and How? Then Read on.

Ann Carriage
3 min readApr 19, 2024


This latest reveal is right up there. At the same time this is what was long suspected.

Ta Da. Here it is.

Joe Biden is NOT in charge of the White House, the shadow government is. Can you believe that sleepy Joe has handlers? Not to brag but the collective we did. When they grasp this fact folk are bound to ask how we cut the head off the snake? It is a dilemma for sure. To those who prefer to call it the Deep State that is ok too. What matters is that we on the same page.

Some startling info has come to light in an undercover interview with Tyler Robinson. For those who don’t know he serves as a special advisor at SBA gov. He reports to the Chief of Staff of Administrator Isobel Guzman.

He explained how the White House directs Guzman to campaign for the President, morning, noon and night. She is widely known as the most travelled member of the cabinet.

Under the guise of talking to small business owners she travels across the country; pretty much every week. Her job if you can call it that is to help elect Democrats, especially in swing states. Senator Tester of Montana, a Dem, is one. He received an invite to the White House; while his Republican rival did not. The same bias applies to Congress.

Let me ask you thIs. Are these actions not in violation of the Hatch Act? Federal employees are not meant to act as political agents for a party. Neither are they to campaign for or against any candidate.

We are then told Guzman acts as a spokesperson for Biden. As in; we try to visit with a member of Congress if they a Democrat just because we can help them get re-elected as well.

A word on the SBA is apt at this point. The SBA is a US Federal Agency that exists to promote and service the small business sector. It has at last one office in every US state. The senate gets to confirm appointments at the top of the org.

Then Robinson drops a bombshell. Both Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton still help out at the White House; albeit at a distance. Okay check. This has been implied before as well. Okay how many Obama picks still work for the central government? Too many to name, and this is not even counting the judges.

He calls the former board member of Facebook and Whitehouse Chief of Staff the second most powerful person in Washington. His name is Jeff Dunston Zeints and to quote. ‘Whatever this guy says, it is what the president says’.

Now here is something; he used to work for Bain Capital. This was one of Mitt Romney’s companies.

It seems from this off the cuff chat that too many unelected people have a big hand in the running of the White House. Not to mention a stake. A shadow government aka Deep State now rules at the White house.

How can this be?

A commentator notes this means that the US Executive has been captured. He must mean just like the Senate and Congress has before it. Joe is their puppet and that is it.

Which makes it not just another brick in the wall but the final one? This is the end of the road. Or the final nail in the coffin for the US.



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