Virtuous Vaxers and Totalitarianism

The establishment has always had a large army of acolytes cum useful idiots to spread their message and cheer them on from the sidelines as they try to get everyone on board with the next big thing they trying to sell; in this case the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.

It’s difficult to understand why these people go all gaga over what amounts to experimental gene therapy; and likely serious problems with short term, never mind longer term health issues.

These muddled souls who won’t so much as look at any literature that opposes The New York Times talking points have always been around; they are only dangerous when they expect others to get behind them.

They want you to be like; yay vaccines. Just like them.

Now they are all over the web trying to propagandize for the jab.

They take their cue from the WHO, CDC, the Biden Administration and the press; literally nothing else exists for them.

No one can deny the virtue signaling around the vaccine issue grows more bizarre by the minute.

There are thousands of videos, articles, and social media posts by the pro-vaccine crowd; idolatrizing people like Dr Anthony Fauci, singing praises to Pfizer and reveling in the virtues of their vaccinated status.

What? Don’t believe me, take a look.

It would be bad enough if they were getting paid to do this; but that so many are putting on a show only to hoodwink others, tells you everything you need to know about the dire state of the human race.

It’s unfortunate this crowd wields considerable influence because they backed by government and corporations; their relationship to the establishment is symbiotic; the one feeds off the other.

They joined at the hip in a grand fest of the manipulative and the stupid; and that’s it in a nutshell.

This is tied up with the politics of the left like it or not, they rely on the government and the system to confirm their normalcy bias.

Normalcy bias can be summed up as; a tendency to believe that everything will continue to be ‘normal’ even though there is warning signs that point to the contrary.

As a result, we underestimate both the likelihood of calamity and the possible consequences.

It is in line with thinking that nothing terrible will ever happen.

But the tide appears to be turning against them which is why they upping their campaigns of desperation.

It’s like author Robert Anton Wilson once said:

The obedient always think they virtuous rather than cowardly.



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Ann Carriage

Political animal, interested in the story behind the story. A concepts driven individual.