US Culture Wars Resemble A Breakfast Brawl.

The rolling US culture wars can be compared to a free-for-all breakfast brawl where everyone gets a chance to join in the um… fun.

Well in a manner of speaking.

It’s a serious fight and the stakes are high so we are led to believe.

Americans are parochial at times, they assume what ails them ails the rest of the world, it doesn’t; but the strange thing is even people in some western countries are wont to follow their script.

Like it or not in this instance the US stands alone.

Their culture wars represent the clash of the ages as title-holder western civilization meets its challenger twenty first century culture in the ring; to deck it out.

In smaller but equally intense battles the two sides galvanize their troops on the internet in some of the biggest bun fights to date.

A no holds barred fight without rules with everything up for grabs; and nothing inviolable.

I’d say not so much of a bun fight more of a breakfast-brawl; and here’s why.

In an early morning breakfast fight you want to fling as many of those cheerios' in the direction of your opponent as possible; in the hope many will stick, preferably in their hair.

The same applies to arguments they don’t have to be true, make sense or have any basis, what’s important is to reflect opponents in the worst possible light. And keep fingers crossed it sticks as others take up the bat in the form of the theme.

Now there are the Covid-19 vaccines, ‘terrorist push-back parents’ and school board wars to contend with and add to the growing culture war list.

These ‘wars’ have infected every issue, big and small; even a traditional holiday like Halloween now comes with instructions on how to dress politically correct; delivered courtesy of the American Defamation League.

Some fifty odd years ago Americans were on the same page; now they spilt down the line into two different cultures, that don’t see eye to eye on anything. They two nations trapped in the same borders.

Mid-term elections kick off next year but no doubt there will be much high drama under the bridge by then; if not well before.




I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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Cheryl Ann

Cheryl Ann

I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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