Understanding the Three R’s; the ABC of Subverts.

Ann Carriage
3 min readDec 26, 2022


Have you met the new pro-abort kids cum activists on the block? Did you know they carry the seal of approval of the Biden Admin?

They redefine abortion to fit to scale in a move of smoke and mirrors but it’s nothing we have not seen before.

Their aim is to baffle it’s all about sowing confusion; the confusion has a purpose though. And it is to undermine. Be warned of their take on abortion; they speak their own language and indulge in extraordinary word play.

When those on the left say things like definitions are important and the meaning of words matter take it with a pinch of salt; and then some.

I mean it is rich coming from the same side whose modus operandi reads redefine, revise and reduce. Yes we see you.

The new abortion narrative is a huge exercise in reductionism at its finest; as you will come to see.

Reductionism asserts things can be explained by breaking them down into small parts.

In this case abortion is being broken down. We know reductionists hate getting bogged down with the pesky details; instead they go with making sense of the world as they see it.

Of course this distorts an issue no end; but this is their idea.

But don’t just take my word for it but judge them by their own words.

They white wash abortion as we know it as they pull down their knitted beanies over their eyes. They are self-deceived and their aim is to deceive as many as they can.

As with every bad idea the goal is to make it if not good then at least not bad, and the only way to do so is to obscure the issue.

This means they are forced to minimize abortion and pretend it is not really about killing unborn infants. No really. Yes there are dead infants at the end of it, but they only secondary; they are what one could call collateral damage.

See what they do here. They take the word abort to mean to end a thing and they run with it. In this case it means to bring about an end to a pregnancy.

Now an end to a pregnancy covers everything, from miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies, still births, premature deliveries. Even good old normal births. So a pregnancy ends when a fetus is expelled. For whatever the reason.

Imagine the minds of those who dream this stuff up. Wacko or irrational does not do it. Now depraved? Yes!

This is the reason abortion debates feature long-winded stories on miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy; while we wonder what the hang!

While it is hard to speculate on what the motives of those who have a tenuous grasp on reality might be; here is what I think.

Remember how they go on about whataboutisms in states where abortion has been banned.

What about ectopic pregnancy, what about where pregnancy threatens the health of the mother, the health of the infant, and so on.

What they wilfully fail to grasp is that it is abortion on demand that has been banned. Cases outside of the rule are the exceptions so they dealt with accordingly. Case by case.

In their minds if abortions can be performed under the exceptions where the rule is bent; why not just do away with the rule entirely.

It sounds likely. At least where they are concerned.



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