Trump’s Prophetic Role

When he occupied the White House some of President Donald John Trump’s supporters compared his position to that of the biblical King Cyrus.

The idea was panned by critics causing many of them conniptions but let’s looks at the divine plan theme to establish; if the 45th US President may have played a prophetic role in his short term of office and if we have yet to see the consequences for the country and the globe.

The contention that US Presidents are selected rather than elected appears to have a lot of truth to it. Wildcard Trump wasn’t expected to win the presidency in 2016 but he did, and the reasons for those strange turn of events are compelling to say the least.

Top Democrat donors and members of the Democrat National Committee (DNC) didn’t want the party’s only political nominee Hilary Rodham Clinton to assume the presidency, a sentiment definitely out of step with the rest of the Democrat rank and file.

WikiLeaks then leaked Hilary Clinton’s emails just in time to buffet her election chances while bolstering Trump’s proving WikiLeaks was a Mocking Bird of American Intelligence, and who knows what or who else, in the whole affair.

Of course the establishment ended up blaming the Russians (who else) who were supposedly in collusion with Trump.

The Democrats’ top dogs were willing to let Trump win the election; to bypass Hillary Clinton and to buy more time to plan their final moves but most of all to placate dissatisfied conservatives after President Barak Obama’s two terms.

Bottom line; the shadow government hates surprises; they would rather have conservatives inside the system where they can be monitored than outside of it beyond their control and up to who knows what.

Now the chosen globalist Joe Biden occupies the Whitehouse and big changes lie ahead.

Just read between the lines; what began four years ago with a dream to Make America Great Again has now become the nightmare of a collectivist coup and The New Domestic War on Terror.

The US will soon be a different country with its status of lone world super power in the balance but the biggest changes will be internal as traditional America is remade in the image of the progressive left.

Under globalism foreign institutions will get to dictate the terms more and more.

Donald Trump stood in the gap between the old America and the new; it was a nod to Republicans and a temporary reprieve from the massive change begun by former president Barack Obama.

Which begs the question could Trump be the restrainer mentioned by the Apostle Paul destined to hold back world end-time events.

Thessalonians 2:7 New King James says: For the mystery of lawlessness is already at work; only he who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way.

Without a doubt the US is at the center of these events in some significant way.

The identity of the restrainer has always been in question; possible contenders for the role have been thought to be either Saint Michael or The Holy Spirit.

There’s a good chance though the restrainer is a living entity in a position of power able to exercise that restraint for a time, now that time is over and what follows from here will happen with breakneck speed.

It’s been pointed out before that the US is the Mystery Babylon mentioned in Revelation, the modern day Babylon marked for destruction.

Prophecy never occurs in a vacuum it aligns with global power shifts and real time events so these are the things to watch for.

The Book of Revelation hints at the revival of the Roman Empire which can only mean Europe so next to the US this is the region to keep an eye on.



Political animal, interested in the story behind the story. A concepts driven individual.

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Ann Carriage

Political animal, interested in the story behind the story. A concepts driven individual.