Trump Ruled Guilty on 34 Counts.

Ann Carriage
3 min readMay 31, 2024

The question is where to from here. I don’t think the US will ever recover as the Rubicon has been crossed from this point on. Nothing is off limits is what should be clear in most if not all folks minds.

Might this be a turning point for the free world as well?

To sum up this was a one of a kind political trial of which the like has never been seen before.

On the domestic front never will the twain meet. By this I mean MAGA and the Dems. It is as if they two different countries forced to live as one.

The Judge in this case, Juan Merchan, has set aside the date of July 11 for Trump to be sentenced.

On all 34 charges Trump could be sentenced to four years in prison for each though that’s unlikely.

Take note of the date of Trump’s sentencing. It comes just days before the RNC is to meet and nominate him as its Presidential Candidate. The timing is impeccable for one and in no way random. And its message though unspoken is clear; you folk just think this thing through and nominate someone else to stand.

For Tump this will mean either prison for four years or probation. While a prison sentence might seem too drastic or desperate a step it is as I have said. Nothing can be said to be off the table.

This will throw a wrench Trump’s way to campaign in the way he would like while it will leave Biden free to do what he does best; to malign him, and those who support him. In between spitting and frothing at the mouth.

It seems as if Trump will only be able to put in an appeal next year; and this after the Presidential election.

The Dems have pulled out all the stops with this one. As usual Republicans of all types have been caught off guard. They are angry now, but they never expected it would turn out this way. It is their naivety that astounds. As if they just never learn.

That stunt pulled by Robert De Niro was the shape of things to come. Oh and it was orchestrated all right. Come on Hollywood is part of the Fourth Estate. They not there just for show.

In a funny way this reminds me of the ballyhoo over Justice Alito and the US flag. They all in vogue over social media right now. Will there be a new law to prohibit these displays of a country in distress? Well you just never know.

I’ll leave the penultimate word to Joe Biden who has wasted no time in responding to the court’s verdict on Trump. No one is above the law.

To break it down for you what he means is this; we have your number you are all criminals now!



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