Trump Leads in New Poll.

Ann Carriage
3 min readMay 4, 2024

It is not CAN Trump win. Of course he CAN but will he be allowed to. Will he be allowed to so much as contest this year’s presidential election? We know one thing the establishment don’t want him. Folk that support the Democrat party don’t either. As do certain voters in between? The thing is he is drawing a good deal of support; and from across the spectrum so it seems. And here lies their dilemma.

Will he be stopped in his tracks many wonder? What I mean by this is law fare, just substitute war with law, exists in its own right.

The courts have been hijacked and are being used as a weapon against political opponents. This is how it works in any banana republic. It is not a good sign but might as well face up to it. This is what the US has become now. Trump did not call it the swamp for nothing.

This against the backdrop of the summer of love riots, only this time round over a foreign issue. What is playing out in front of us?

A cynical person will say this is the excuse for the Biden Admin to bring in Marshall Law; and to cancel elections.

Then there are those WW3 flashpoints in the Middle East and in Ukraine. Now we learn there may be a third.

Time will tell if the US will end up as a One Party State.

I’m sure you agree a lot can happen between now and the elections.

While we wait; here are the results of the latest CNN poll.

Trump’s lead in the poll appears steady at 49 percent. While Biden lags at 43 percent.

As of now 55% of all Americans say they see Trump’s presidency as a success, while 44% see it as a failure.

Compare this to when Trump left office; 55 % saw his presidency as a failure, so there is a big drop there.

Now take a look at Biden’s figures; 61 % say his presidency has been a failure thus far, while 39 % say it is a success.

This is worse than the 57% who called his first year in office a failure and the 41% who called it a success.

Overall 92% of Republicans calls Trump’s time in office a success. Now compare this to the 73% of Democrats who say the same of Biden.

Then there are the Independents. 51% say Trump’s time in office was a success; while just 37% say the same for Biden.

Just 14 % of Americans say both of them are failures; while 8% say both of them are good.

About half of registered voters, read 47%, say that Biden’s presidency is a failure so far. While just 30% say that Biden has been a success.

Based on this much there is a lot to chew on.

Then there is this which I thought telling. CNN went onto say something like this; public opinion of former presidents is generally more favourable once they have left office. That said; no other modern president has attempted a similar return to power after an electoral loss.

And so folks there is the prompt.

It is crystal clear.

Trump why don’t you do what we expect you to do.

Please just go quietly.

This is the rub wouldn’t you say?

Now if you think the CNN poll is a good indicator just check out the latest Rasmussen Reports Survey.

According to the figures Trump now leads Biden by a whopping ten points.

The breakdown is as follows.

Trump 46%

Biden 36%

Robert Kennedy Junior 9%



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