Trouble Stirs in the Caucasus for the Second Time in as Many Months.

Ann Carriage
2 min readFeb 17, 2024

As if we never saw this one coming I mean it was on the cards. When the narrative was being plied we just knew they were zoning in and this region would be their next target. I smell the US trying to stir things up with Russia. And you?

What we witnessed over two months ago was the fallout from the last time Azerbaijan moved its troops to the Armenian border.

The writing was on the wall then as it looked like Armenia was keen to move out of the Russian sphere of influence to align more with the west. These sentiments were being expressed by a PM who was clearly subject to influence from the outside; and we know by whom. He was hobnobbing with civil society a big clue. Determined to listen to voices who wanted to re-assess where the country stood with regard to Russia and we could see how this was to play out.

It does not help the strategists view countries like Armenia and Georgia as European and think they should be in the EU fold. Not with Eurasia.

It has been whispered to Armenia they in a bit of a bind.

Stuck between Russia and Turkey Armenia is not in a good place they say. It would be better for the country to look to the US led EU to come to their rescue. They will save them.

Now they back to where they were a couple of months ago.

Now for a newsflash. Azerbaijan is preparing to invade Armenia; at least this is what we told the country’s intelligence sources say.

As an aside US army convoys have been spotted in Northeast Poland.

Things are on the move once again on the Eastern European front.



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