Time to Bring Back Gatekeeping?

Ann Carriage
2 min readMay 13


So has tolerance been turned into something it is not supposed to be and is it time to 1) use it on condition/s or 2) Cut it lose.

At one stage it meant to put up with a thing but now not so much. Broadmindedness and acceptance are some of the other terms that folk use; and much more often than not. Well it does tie up with certain political beliefs so there is that.

Is it time to bring back gatekeeping again? And if not why? Throwing the doors wide open has its limits come on. It is either that or it will limit the rest of us.

So yes it is a zero sum game no matter what you have been told. Claims of tribalism and othering don’t wash it; we need more boundaries not less.

Then there is the other side of the coin. Consider the slogan silence is violence, if you don’t go along you are part of the problem. This is before you so much as open your mouth to oppose a thing. Clearly they don’t believe in tolerance; yet we must? Why. That is because this is how it is designed to work, in their favour.

Everybody must get on board or sink is the thinking. Or as they like to say become irrelevant. Don’t fall for their stupid tropes; a lot of twelve year-olds have a better repertoire; and they more self-aware by far.

No one wants to say the quiet part out loud and it is this; one way tolerance is destructive. And this is it.

But here is the other thing. The intolerance of certain ideas and practices is a good thing. Like they so fond of reminding us. Yet we are not allowed to look at it this way because of you know tolerance. Wake up they playing you like a fiddle.

Some think there is a fine line between tolerance and submissive pacifism.

It could very well be true that tolerance is the last virtue of a dying society. It makes sense if that is all there is. In which case we it.

You have to understand that their double standard is the point. However they excuse it. They don’t hide it, and why should they, fairness be damned. It is war and and they want your surrender. No less.

Don’t let them have it.

Now let’s fetch more of those fences. They supposed to make good neighbours and all.



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