Through the Looking Glass; where Europe And America Differ.

Ann Carriage
3 min readMar 3, 2022


America is sharply divided along political and cultural lines; at least this is the one thing on which we can all agree.

This said the US still has a lot going for it they just have to proceed with caution if they want to keep it this way.

Yes this division causes friction most of the time but free expression is a good thing like it or not, now suppression? Not so much.

Here is the big difference between Europe and the US; there are many government dissenters in Europe for sure, but where it counts their voices are suppressed.

There are elections every five years or so where the hoi polloi cast their vote for what it is worth. Other than this Europeans do not have a platform to express their views or vent, unlike America. That culture of freedom of expression is no more.

With the result dissenters and their views tend to be marginalized.

Another thing, the media over there speaks with one voice; there are no independent or alternate points of view to be had.

The European Union has achieved its goal of homogeny; or conformity in all things. Cultural differences stood in the way. So they had to go. They European citizens first; the lines have been blurred.

On top of that Europe’s elected representatives are weak and indecisive; you think the US is bad?

They just rubber stamp what they think their populations want. Not for them the hard work of horse trading and negotiation skills required in the course of normal politics. Let alone in crises.

The art of politics is meant to prevent conflict while doing nothing ensures it. Look to Ukraine as an example.

Which all goes to show Europe’s leaders are just shoo-ins, no more? The real power behind the throne is at EU head-quarters in Brussels.

Who on earth is making the decision that Europe comply with all sorts of punitive measures against Russia?

Greece has just cut its own throat with its restrictions on Russian tourists they make up the majority of its industry.

But who is behind the decision. Definitely not Greece surely? The EU?

They now talking about EU territory for goodness sake.

Many in Europe admit their leaders are weak and that the EU is too bureaucratic, a big drawback. A few years back they were even saying out loud there is a need for strong leaders that Europe can unite behind. Well that did not work out well last time round.

Then there is the problem of career bureaucrats; they rise quickly to the top in some cases and have an impact on politics, so they cross the line even though they unelected and unaccountable.

What the US should do is take notes and commit to not take the same path as their old ally Europe; even though the pair parted ways in the eighties when they set out on different trajectories.

It is an ongoing lesson from afar nonetheless.



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