This was an Insurrection Attempt.

It has just been confirmed that there was a plot to overthrow the South African Government.

What’s more, the plot was said to be in the pipeline some time before former president Jacob Zuma was sent to jail; at least according to the Deputy Minister of the State Security Agency, Zizi Kodwa.

Kodwa speaks of a ‘big’ plot to shut down major ports and food distribution lines. So far so good, then he veers off to right wing terrorism territory and a lone wolf scenario which doesn’t make sense.

Not everyone shares Kodwa’s point of view, however.

The Shadow SSA Minister wonders why blatant social media campaigns hinting at an insurrection were not picked up by the country’s intelligence department; which is a good question.

Over to you Kodwa.

Meanwhile, ex-spy Thulani Dlomo is thought to be one of the instigators.

He is a former Ambassador to Japan who went AWOL from the SSA for months after he was axed from the position. He is widely known as “Zuma’s personal spy”; and is one of the 12 names being bandied about as instigators of the insurrection.

Steven Gottschalk, CEO of Value Logistics, said his company’s warehouse in Cato Ridge was looted for three days, day and night, until premier Sihle Zikalala arrived with the army.

He is adamant this was a co ordinated attack; there is one road that comes into our facility but the looters entered through about five different entry points through the surrounding country side.

They then surrounded the facility and removed a stretch of fencing on the four corners of the facility.

Then suddenly we were overwhelmed by about a thousand people; that made us aware that someone was commanding them.

The story is that twelve masterminds planned and executed the attack on social media; but then lost control of operations after the looting spree.

One poster on social media reads; Ramaphosa Must Fall March, dated 30 July 2021 Gandhi House at 10.00; but whether this march will still go ahead remains to be seen.

Most of all the Government’s not taking any chances, security has been beefed up around key points, and that includes airports and power stations.

As investigations and the hunt for the perpetrators continue.