The US Two Tiered Justice System shows it and the country is broke.

Ann Carriage
3 min readMay 19, 2024

This case of justice denied demonstrates all too well how lawless the US really is. When the scales are weighed it is in the balance that it falls so far short off the mark.

Dexter Taylor a software engineer has just been sentenced to ten years for building his own guns without a license.

Now bear in mind Taylor is a black man, but while his race should not be important here note that there will be no protests for him. There will be no special pleading on his behalf, there can’t be. He does not fit the desired profile you see. That is reserved for criminals, terrorists and others up to no good, as well as those deemed to be on the right side of the culture wars. What is he to do now since the law has failed him?

You see Taylor is what is known as a soft target. And there are millions from all walks of life just like him. These soft targets are those on the outside of the system. Their mores do not tie up with that of the zeitgeist. They do not like the same things; they are different. It is for this reason they have been entrapped by the system in all sorts of ways.

How can a system that devotes so much time to framing the innocent be able to convict the guilty? Make it make sense we say.

In another first a woman has been sentenced to ten years for a protest outside an abortion clinic. What is up with these ten year sentences of late? Does it set a benchmark for those who dare to impinge on the ethos of the times?

The US legal system is hopelessly compromised; not to put too fine a point on it and all. Its judges are biased to the nth degree; its prosecutors are unethical and its juries are brainless. This does not make for a good combo.

One thing they sure they do know and that is which way the winds of the culture blow.

The judge in Dexter Taylor’s trial was being belligerent when she said the second amendment did not exist in her court.

This one believed herself to be one of the masters of the universe.

To her the courtroom is her own personal kingdom. Seriously though; what is the deal with these judges and their attitudes? They did not build the system neither do they own it. They have sure as hell hijacked it though.

It has a name the two-tier justice system; or justice for me but not for thee.

To this judge here, and I use the term loosely; the constitution is irrelevant.

In more honest and moral times her statement would have seen her removed from office, but it is long past that now.

Not only judges but the Dem party thinks the system is theirs to do with what they please.

Compare this to another country that was rife with corruption many moons ago, where it was said; well at least the legal system still works. While that was up for debate the same can’t be said for the US.

It is done for.

Just like certain judges have decreed that the first amendment can’t be used as a defence in their courtroom.

All rise! Here comes ‘da judge, as they used to say when one could lampoon such things.

We prosecute dissenters here don’t you know! Especially those who point out the whole thing is a train wreck.

Come on in if you dare.



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