The Strawmen in their Heads.

Ann Carriage
3 min readSep 1


An argument based on a false premise is all for show. It is falsely constructed for the purpose of knocking it down; this we understand to be a logical fail. It is also known as a strawman and as the name suggests it is on par with trying to build something from nothing. A thing without substance, do you copy? So you lose fool. On the other hand progressives love oh how they love this game. This is the one way they get to play against others, at least in their heads; and are assured a win. Talk about taking mind games to a whole new level. Please don’t laugh it is not funny! Now pathetic well yes.

In a nutshell a strawman is a fallacious argument that distorts an opposing stance to make it easy to pull apart. Because face it they need all the help they can get. Thus they not attacking said opponent’s stance at all; only the one they pull out of their left earhole. This way they get to act and think as if they have invalidated the original argument; when the reality is by no means.

At other times they might not present the distorted version of their opponent’s stance; but even so will attack it directly. So who knows what is going on?

These strawmen can be broken down into various types as well; go figure.

· Oversimplifying, generalizing or exaggerating the person’s argument

· Focusing on only a few aspects of the argument

· Quoting out of context

· Arguing against fringe or extreme opinions which the opponent never used

· Then there the diatribes and rhetoric

What you have to remember this is not about the rules of debate. It has nothing to do with logic either. This is political through and through; most of all it is dishonest which means it’s immoral.

There is this meme titled What happens in the shower. While I have read of shower thoughts or shower inspirations before; not like this. On trying to debunk in the shower? No.

It reads like this; washing one’s self accounts for 3% while 97% accounts for winning fake arguments. So let us decode what they mean. First notice the words used…fake arguments. They decide the original points made by the source are false; thus they can be dismissed in their heads without further ado. From this point on they allowed to make it up on the fly, so strawman here we come. The last step is to smash it and so mission accomplished.

See how easy it is?

I don’t have to tell you this way they win every time.

With regards to their (sources) only those in keeping with their politics get a look in and get to supply the talking points. While we call it self-defeating they don’t; rather they see it as a win! They know the MSM is on their side, so too bad bud, but it is a fact they won’t say out loud. Though it does miss the boat as far as neutrality goes?

Perhaps they take aim at people in the public eye because it is so much easier. They will never be able to debate them in real life so this is their only chance to go and get them- at least in their heads.

Or the way I see it; go and fight themselves in the shower.



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