Rise of The Moors: What we know So Far.

Now here is a strange piece of news.

A standoff between Massachusetts State Police and a group of heavily armed men on Saturday led to interstate 95 in Wakefield being shut down.

The siege ended when a total of 11 people were taken into custody and charged.

What made this episode different was that the men claimed to be part of a group called ’The rise of the Moors — the Moorish American Arms’.

The men claimed to be American Nationals but not American citizens, in other words they are illegal aliens who identify as Americans.

Well not exactly but read on.

As the name of the group suggests; they also identify with Africa and Islam in particular with Morocco.

This group has its own website and its headquarters are in Pawtucket, Rhode Island.

They say their goal is to inform all Moors of their political status here in the US.

Also known as The Moorish Sovereign Citizens movement; they see themselves as autonomous and not under US state and federal government authority.

The group says Moorish Americans are the ‘aboriginal people of the land’.

Not being a well-known group they aren’t on the radar of law enforcement agencies, at least they haven’t been till now.

The arrested men were in full military-style gear and armed with long rifles and pistols and were stopped by police on their way to a training session.

One has to wonder though if this is not another CIA sponsored group when all is said and done.

I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous