The Red Wave Collapses; Why? Who Knows?

There will be no red wave just another close yet clandestine dash to the post as we are left to make sense of it all. This has been hailed as the strangest election on record; and there is no disagreement there.

Expect delays in vote counts and in the release of the final results as well, as you were warned. Then there things like malfunctioning machines added to the mix.

Meanwhile on CNN they are saying that for many states it’s going to look like Republicans are winning but by midnight things could change. Honestly you can’t make this stuff up.

It is hard to read the typical American voter or understand what motivates them at this point. But there you have it. It is enough to say they have chosen their own destiny and be done with.

I recall that Gen Z was brought up before the mid-terms got underway and it appears those who said the youth would bring home the vote were right.

Although the abortion issue has been downplayed by Republicans, it appears to be a factor in these elections; as it was thought that it would.

It seems the focus of voters is narrow, parochial in fact, and they have no sense of the bigger picture.

We know polarization is off the charts. So this would help explain this state of affairs as well.

The same old Dem politicians are getting in too, don’t know if that comes as a surprise or not.

It looks like full steam ahead of the same old, but the question is to where.

And that’s it from the Twilight Zone until next time.

BREAKING REPORT: Nevada Election officials say they have received THOUSANDS OF MAIL-IN BALLOTS AND IT MAY TAKE DAYS to count them and upload the results

The shape of things to come?



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Ann Carriage

Political animal, interested in the story behind the story. A concepts driven individual.