The Plank in the Eye of the Exvangelicals.

Ann Carriage
3 min readApr 7, 2024

You could say exvangelicals have a huge ‘ol plank in the eye. Granted they can’t see it for looking but it is there and it is all down to their politics.

These are angry birds, like the members of the Lincoln Project and the Never Trumpers. Of course there are the rank and file crowd as well.

They have teamed up with other malcontents to shout about how evangelicals mix their religion with their politics and the huge threat of you know; Christian Nationalism. This mob bangs the same drum all the time. Make that for 24 hours a day for all 7 days in a week.

If we honest we will agree traditional Christians have never been liked much. When they kept to themselves they were too insular and when they joined the fray they were too political. It will always be the case unless they throw their weight behind the Christian left. And this won’t happen.

Look this was what was wanted all along. Those on the left sought to co-opt the orthodox; to have them join them. The trouble was it did not work out the way they had hoped it would; and that as they say was that.

To spell it out the political left is exactly the same as the Christian left. They just think they are the ones who have it right. The cultural winds combine with their politics to set the course.

What they don’t get to do is ignore their politics is the reason. Or that they fashion their religion around their politics; or their politics around their religion. But you get the idea.

Not That Christian Nationalism Nonsense Again

It is like a mind virus and it appears terminal. To those infected and obsessed with it that is. It is pushed from the top down. The universities are full of it; academics write realms of rubbish on it. Note that its origins say it all. You can blame it on CT. It can whip up a theory for every occasion; and no I am not kidding here.

Here is the rub. Critical or Conflict theory narratives are by their nature rhetoric. The fact such cannot be refuted or verified either way is just proof of this. Anyone can just make it up as they go along. And they do. This is like compelled speech. Just throw in some atrocity literature and stir.

What to call it this mish mash? How does atrocity propaganda sound?

I came across this article which I thought was satire but who can tell anymore right?

There is a newly formed coalition called Savera; it is a group that stands united against supremacy. This time there is the fear of Hindu nationalism but that is not all. It is said they (Hindus) are in an alliance with various facets of the US far- right. Here is the back story to this bullshit. Some Reverend called Peter Cook took a trip with his group to India in 2018 but was turned away at the airport. So India got wind of what to call them- these agitators? The Reverend insists they were turned away because they were Christians. Who can tell; plenty of frauds call themselves Christian too, so what?

We told this guy is an executive director of New York State Council of Churches; which sounds like it could be some ecumenical body. The gist of it is this; a not so-good reverend is convinced Hindu nationalism is as toxic as Christian nationalism. How he makes this leap is anybody’s guess. And he provides no clue either. It is hoped the coalition will become an interfaith effort amongst other things. Funny that was what I thought before I had even read this far. This is another example of the US sticking its head in where it does not belong. As for this group it looks like their aim is to stir up shyte at home and abroad. As they try to cook up a more solid narrative for what they call Christian nationalism. Any type nationalism come to think of it. Christian Nationalism goes global is what it looks like.

One would think the US has enough real problems to worry about as is.

Oh well meddlers are going to meddle. Until they can …….no more.



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