The New Atheists and the New Pagans.

Ann Carriage
3 min readDec 28, 2022


Not Kansas anymore. Part. 3

People have not questioned the truth claims of Christianity for some time. Now they are more likely to question the Gospel itself, that if true, can it really be good news.

This shift away from questioning God’s existence to focus on his moral character is new. As in brand new. It’s one that harks back to the turn of this century.

This ties up in the wake of 9/11 when this new, what philosophy slash religion? Known as New Atheism crawled out from the woodwork.

To cut a long story short so began The Clash of Civilizations predicted some years before.

Then New Atheism was born and the books of its four-horseman leaders were instant best sellers.

Not too long after the new atheists took to the internet in droves with a grand mission to de-convert as many theists as they could.

One only has to look at the milder-mannered atheists of yesterday and compare them with those of today. New though they are improved they are not.

The new atheists go way beyond the dispassionate questioning of whether God exists or not. Offer them some cheese with that whine or some sauce to go with that chip on the shoulder.

The New atheists are anti-theists as opposed to pro-naturalists with all the baggage it comes with, and this is the rub. Their beef is with orthodox Christian beliefs nothing to do with a lack of proof.

Thus the writing is on the wall. Daniel Dennett’s call to create a new society of “Bright’s,” does not seem to have a very bright future. What is he thinking?

If it must be said for the thousandth time; at least the materialists were coherent.

One thing is for sure we can’t escape the new wave of anti-Christian sentiment doing the rounds; it is one that is as much at odds with atheistic materialism as it is with the Bible.

Debates reflect this state of affairs and are a black mark against New Atheism.

They get it wrong from the get-go. Proving or disproving the existence of God is a rational endeavour. What it cannot be is a question of empirics. God cannot be found in a test-tube so the mentality is a futile one. While they know this they continue to beat the same drum.

If they used rationalism they would discover the burden of dis-proof falls on their own shoulders. So they don’t.

When they use the empirical method they are then forced to default to blind faith in their positive belief of God’s non-existence. So not only do they lack intellectual integrity they have no desire to search for truth.

The traditional view, at least up until the 20th century was God exists. While not proof; it does put the ball in the court of the one trying to overturn the precedent. Not the other way round.

The New Paganism.

Woke theorists accuse Europe and the rest of the west of de-deifying their sacred gods.

It comes as no surprise to learn woke philosophy is both anti-west and anti its Christian heritage. What people might not realize its religion of choice is paganism.

We have seen this in the state of Callie with their Aztec ceremonies in schools and what have you.

Critical race and gender theorists are embracing a move to deify nature as is a fringe element of the Church. This means a return to Pagan gods. Though it is their politics that is driving their theology to a large degree. We can’t ignore the role of environmental activism and how it feeds into all this as well. You know Mother Earth and all that.

Where does this leave the God debate though?

Will it have to move from tearing down arguments to tearing down alters?



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