The Last Days of American Empire.

Ann Carriage
2 min readMay 12, 2023

Those who follow prophecy know the US is not the final super power slash empire that will rule the world in the last days of human history.

No, that power will pass to another and while we don’t know what this will eventually look like; we do have some idea.

One thing is certain the country is dying on its feet and it will continue in this vein right up until the time it falls; and hits the deck.

Friends and foes know this, only Americans do not. Okay some do but for the most part ignorance is bliss.

Do you know that a house divided against itself cannot stand? Note that America is divided all right make that slap bang right down the middle.

Some only see their opponents as the problem but like that maxim says; when you point one finger there are three fingers pointing back at you.

What many don’t get is the problem is not with one leader it is all of them. If you don’t like what you call whataboutism well too bad; it is what it is.

Are there any good leaders you may ask? Yes, maybe a few tops.

It is not just the leaders either but the whole system that is tearing apart at the seams.

Just blame it on the big C, no not cancer, but Corruption. And it starts with corrupt people that corrupt everything they lay their hands on. They also need to corrupt others to keep the kettle on the boil so to speak.

America is determined to do its damnedest with its choice of all round bad ideas; and the desire to push them. Each one worse than the one before it. The land and its people look as if they are going all out in one last ditch attempt to tempt fate as it were.

Why do you do this stupid people? Have you lost your minds? As well as your souls?

Will it be said of you; your bruise is incurable and your wound is grievous?



Ann Carriage

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