The Dilemma of Liberal Christianity

While liberal Christianity has evolved overtime to become an offshoot religion, many do not realize its roots can be traced all the way back to Enlightenment Humanism.

Yes, Humanism not Atheism was the philosophy of Enlightenment times and while the two do overlap in many areas, the distinction is an important one.

Enlightenment Humanism appropriated the values of Jesus Christ the Man disconnecting them from its (His) divine source, while strange, no doubt much easier than trying to reinvent the wheel.

One analyst has an interesting take; our age is not post-Christian as many think, it is hyper-Christian because it has digested certain Christian principles and now lives them out with such radical fidelity that it no longer recognizes them as Christian but assumes them to be natural, a product of liberal humanism.

Well, they hyper something although calling them Christian is a step too far so hyper liberal humanists will probably suffice, anyhow…….

Hyper-Christian Heresy

Today people are hyper-Christians because they first and foremost heretics.

We not at liberty to cherry-pick Christianity for its humanistic content because those cherries were already picked a long time ago.

Anti-Trinitarians like Newton, Pelagians like Locke; total-depravity theologians like Calvin and (yes) Hobbes, even America’s founding fathers: these heretics squeezed Christianity into a liberal humanism.

Therefore, we live and die without grave moral culpability, for “a man born and nurtured in heretical surroundings may live and die without ever having a doubt as to the truth of his creed.”

Indeed in a sense they not heretics at all, have fully rejected Christ, making them what theologians call “apostates” (if we burned our Bible on the back lawn) or at least “material apostates” (if our parents, in high spirits, burned our Bible for us).

The heart of it is liberalism is a theological claim that argues that the goods man receives by grace are not grace at all, but possessed by nature, where “nature” is presumed to mean that being and life which man has for himself, apart from God.

Liberalism is the counter-assertion that man has the natural law for himself; that he has a secular, “public morality” and a god-free space of freedom from which he then, in a subsequent move, decides to be religious; that he lives, moves and breathes in a world God created for him — but from which God is bracketed.

Liberalism takes its ultimate form in Deism, where God starts the great mechanism of existence, and then departs from it, like a cosmic CEO who, having outsourced all his tasks to a management machine, retires to a life of income-collection and yacht design.

It is difficult to see ourselves mirrored in the fathers of liberalism because we conditioned to believe liberal humanists have no link to anything Christian, and any tenuous association is incidental, they just happened to dream up those high-minded ideals they borrowed from the New Testament all by themselves.

The corruption of Christian ideals is seen in the unbridled egalitarianism we see all around every day, it has nothing to do with reason but everything to do with corrupted reason corrupting understanding of the commandments.

The so-called rationalists behind the Enlightenment were a strange mix but it’s known they were vehemently anti-Catholic, so it’s fair to extrapolate they were anti-Christian, their attitude would have been the same if the other side were say Baptists or any other denomination.

After the one and only Christian theocracy ended, enlightenment humanists viewed it safe to steal Christian values because the religion was no longer seen as a political threat so liberals assumed that role themselves as things eventually turned full circle.

So, now we have The Golden Rule bronzed over by being detached from its origins as a law of Christ.

People believe they have overcome the sectarian trappings of the Golden Rule, they’ve liberated it from the Bible to its proper place on the bumper sticker, where it serves as a universal principle of reason to live ethically in the modern world.

The million dollar question is; if liberals view themselves as such noble forms of humanity is conversion even necessary?

Followed to it’s logical conclusion the answer can only be; no, it’s not.

So they damn themselves, locking the doors of salvation from the inside, because the way back into the fold of orthodoxy is precisely what has been re-defined as belonging to the heretic’s powers of reason and goodness.

The only way out for them is to recognize they clinging to an illusion, the goods won by Christ are not changed just because they wrongly attributed to the product of human reasoning and the fruits of human kindness, they’ve only been thoroughly corrupted.

That’s why wishy washy Christian Universalism is a contradiction in terms; a covenant is an agreement, you cannot agree to a one-size-fits-all solution, even it’s reward, if you disagree with the premise, and seriously some don’t even agree with the solution.

In any case covenant places obligations on agreeing parties, its not some loosy-goosey non-binding idea that requires nothing from no one.

One is either in covenant or not, you either agree with all of it or none of it, the logic is elementary.




I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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Cheryl Ann

Cheryl Ann

I like my narratives uncontrolled, my news media independent and my research teams anonymous

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