The Chinese Military on the Move Just Off Of Taiwan.

Ann Carriage
2 min readSep 16


At the same time that the US sends more troops to Taiwan the Peoples’ Republic of China’s sends in its war planes and ships to surround it.

What they call China’s encirclement patrol of the island is taking place right now; since about Monday in fact.

Some say this is just more sabre rattling between China and the US. Well this may well be then again maybe not. Maybe it is to prepare this time round.

We learn 143 warplanes and 56 warships or thereabouts; have now entered the air defence zone in four days.

Analysts say this could be China’s signal that a surprise attack is on the way.

One post had this to say; pilots and ground crews are taking part in long-distance exercises to practice landing and taking off from unfamiliar airports.

Together with cross-theatre drills these are now routine, taking place in the Taiwan Strait and western Pacific. They form part of combat-readiness training to prepare for the outbreak of a Taiwan contingency; so one high-placed source has said.

This strategy is thought to place the PLA at an advantage if push should come to shove.

In a startling turn of events; North Korea will be sending between 300 000 to 500 000 troops to Ukraine to bolster Russia’s count in the war there.

North Korea will also deliver to them their new KN-09 Multiple Launch Rocket System; to help with the war against NATO.

It is believed that missiles with a warhead weighing up to 190 kg are capable of hitting targets at a distance of at least 220 km.

More will be said on this on this as things unfold on the ground.



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