The Battle for the Sexes; you are in the Final Culture War.

Ann Carriage
4 min readApr 20, 2024

We have to follow the trajectory. We have to think along a straight line. From the women’s Lib movement to the war on men then all the way back to the war on women. Now there is a war on both men AND women; although it is women who are experiencing the brunt of it. And it is all due to queer men. Though it is vice versa as well. You have to have a feel for the twisted irony. Oh make no mistake it is the fault of women too.

All the while craven feminists look the other way. Well why wouldn’t they? They went along with this and were all down with a crock.

The gist of it is this; both radical and gullible women were the stepping stone to the queering of society. At least as far as the west goes.

Joe Biden has just passed an executive order late on a Friday night when no one was looking. He has revised Title IX and reversed the Trump-era ruling.

So let us take a look at what this will mean for us. Here is how it will affect society as a whole. This is where our interests lie, and where they should lie, when all is said and done.

We know the LGBTQ+ community and rad feminists have clamoured for these regulations to be changed for a while now. Their boy Biden now has agreed to their demands or granted their wishes; however one may see it.

So far Title IX has protected women against discrimination based on their sex. This is pivotal when it comes to higher education; and at places such as universities and the like.

But what of it now. If this is thrown open to everyone regardless; what will the repercussions be?

Don’t give me the new rules can accommodate everyone type of crap. It just is not so. We have been down this road before. We know what happens when everyone is thrown in the mix. Something has to give; and it is at the expense of another. It is not a zero sum game they shout; ok bud, sorry but we know this is exactly what it is.

I love how pregnant women and sexual harassment are touted when they just the cover for what they doing. Can’t have a stand- alone reason for the bill eh? Why folk might get the wrong idea and we can’t have that! Funny how they deny doing a thing even as they do it.

One called the new Title IX stretching the law beyond its breaking point; and for this reason it has been delayed time and again. Have to agree.

So what are some of the intended consequences that will come to pass?

1) This rule redefines sex like it or not. This is the point where the lines between what is, as opposed to a desire to be, are erased.

2) Seeing we looking at a war on sex we are now post human.

3) This is a war on woman and men too; just like I have said.

4) Counterfeits will be indulged yes and at the expense of real women. Yes they intend to erase women. Women will be replaced by female impersonators; bank on it. Men will be erased too, just more slowly. At the moment it is just a numbers game; with the number of Transgender women more than that of Transgender men.

5) This state of affairs is an example of what can go wrong when boundaries are crossed and folk refuse to stay in their own lanes. Chaos it is.

6) This is a war on civilization and a war on reality and you have to pick a side. You have to be against it or for it. You can’t sit this one out.

Now let’s see what scenarios might play out due to this.

1) Fake women can take away academic and sports scholarships from women; note it works in the same way for fake men.

2) Fake woman will have full access to women’s spaces.

3) Students must compel their speech; aka use correct pronouns or else.

4) Fake charges of harassment will be summoned up if students do not comply.

5) Campuses and classrooms will be policed more than usual; oh the horror.

6) Can a man who is charged with a sex crime suddenly claim he is a woman and will he get off scot free?

7) Can a woman who is charged with the same claim she is a man with the same result.

I read somewhere Title IX is not just a college law. No its worse if this is even possible. It affects all education programs that accept federal funds. This means Daycare, Headstart, K-12, 4-H etc.

Here is how to fight this.

1) Take it to the Supreme Court and get them to change it back.

2) Walk on by the universities and go somewhere else for an education; how about online at home. How does cancelled due to lack of interest sound? These places will soon feel the pinch where it counts. In their pockets.

3) If all else fails accept America is lost and move to another country. And do not walk run.

P.S. try to give Canada a miss; but only if you can.



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