The Arab Spring; Omen of the Apocalypse

Going on ten years ago we saw the beginning of the Arab Spring in Egypt, a so-called people’s revolutionary movement sponsored by America and its allies in the quest to bring democracy to the Middle East.

Not only did the mission fail, it was a farce, with the real goal being the overthrow of secular Arab governments through proxy revolutions replacing them with Sunni Islamic States to thwart Iran in line with U.S. military-political objectives, geopolitical war-games in other words.

For the agenda to succeed stirring- up and supporting ongoing revolution became the order of the day, even if it meant creating opposing political movements out of thin air to achieve it.

But it was about much more than politics; it was the engineered Clash of Religions and or Culture we heard of some years before 9/11 hit, and on a scale never witnessed before.

This strategy was put in place post 9/11, with the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq and the overthrow of the latter’s President Saddam Hossain.

Other events followed; the Syrian proxy War, the revolution in Libya ending in the removal of Colonel Gadhafi, the creation of the Jihadist Islamic terrorist outfit known as ISIS with its dozens of spawned affiliates’ stationed in as many countries around the globe.

The refugee crisis was the next big thing, caused by the displacement of people in war-torn Iraq, Syria and Libya, swelling the ranks of economic migrants substantially, as they beat a path to Europe.

Migrants in Central America eventually followed their cue and set out for the U.S. border via Mexico or any other point of entry they could find.

The migrant issue became the next political hot potato, with the pro-immigrant side wedded to their ideology, stoic, even in the face of terrorist attacks by Islamic Jihadists because nationalists were the real enemy, in the words of CIA patsy Osama bin Laden, ‘in the war against the Crusader.’

At the same time the west was involved in a culture war of its own and with a steely determination set about ridding itself of the Christian heritage that was a big part of its history for so long.

Meanwhile Christian minorities in the Middle, Far-East and Africa came under relentless attack by Jihadists with ancient communities disappearing off the face of the map in some places with this silent genocide receiving little to no news coverage particularly in the west.

The Arab Spring- a Harbinger

There are harbinger contemporary events, 9/11 was one with the second, the Arab Spring occurring just a short nine years later, the start of a new, perhaps final chapter in the Clash of Civilizations saga even the end of human history itself.

Yes there is a prophetic and supernatural component to all this that many of you might not be aware of.

A freelance Greek photographer and journalist filmed the Arab Spring protests when they were at their most intense.

First of all there’s a connection with Greece and Islam through an actual end time event that I won’t get into here, not forgetting Egypt has a special connection with the prophetic.

Well his tape was run by a few European TV stations originally and ………….

Behold a Pale Horse

While the riots were unfolding a pale green apparition, clearly that of a horse and its rider appeared on screen.

The pale horse from the Book of Revelation is the Fourth Horseman of the Apocalypse and the most macabre representing war, famine, pestilence and death, in fact the rider’s name is death and his companion is hell we told.

Considering the last tumultuous nineteen years up-to and including now you could say its prophetic.

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