That Michigan GOP Meeting

Ann Carriage
2 min readNov 20, 2020


The rumor mill is rife with speculation over President Donald Trump’s meeting with Michigan GOP leaders today trying to establish where this fits in the greater scheme of things.

One headline reads; Trump summons Michigan GOP leaders for extraordinary meeting, only serves to heighten the suspense and fuel the rumors even further.

Reports about the meeting mirror the partisan political stance of the journos and their readers so it’s prudent to look at both perspectives.

One liberal media source says this meeting is a long shot GOP push to subvert the democratic process that handed the battleground state to Democrat Joe Biden.

Two anonymous sources reportedly told The Associated Press that Trump invited Senate Majority Leader Mike Shirkey and House Speaker Lee Chatfield.

They say Trump’s campaign is openly floating the notion of trying to get friendly state legislatures to appoint electors who would overturn the will of the voters. If Trump succeeds in convincing Michigan’s state board of canvassers not to certify Biden’s victory in the state, state lawmakers could be called on to select electors, but such a brazen move would be unprecedented and possibly illegal. It would be certain to draw a swift legal challenge.

“Michigan law does not include a provision for the Legislature to directly select electors or to award electors to anyone other than the person who received the most votes,” Shirkey’s spokesperson said last week. On Nov. 6, Chatfield tweeted: “Whoever gets the most votes will win Michigan! Period, end of story. Then we move on.

It is interesting that every liberal media source touts the same lines as if they were reading from the same script and there so many of these outlets which explains the hold they have on shaping people’s opinions.

Conservative outlets are more muted, maybe keeping the cards close to their chests but it looks like electoral fraud still features predominantly with issues in Michigan far from settled.

Stay tuned.



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