JFK Knew the Score Back Then.

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The 35th president of the US was one of the sharper pencils in the drawer and way ahead of his time. He may have planned to warn the American people of the dangers they faced down the line but never got the chance. He was assassinated 59 years ago this year.

The controversy over who killed him still plays out today; despite or should that be because of the official storyline and the whitewash job done by the Warren Commission.

To lay it on the line Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA patsy who took the focus off the hitmen and the real reasons why JFK was killed.

JFK was not an anti-Communist hardliner; which is why the official explanation that he was killed by a communist was greeted by scepticism in some circles. He was a moderate end of story.

He was not the aggressor in the tale is what I am saying.

True this was at the height of the cold war but it did not change the fact that the CIA decided to paint him as surrendering to the Soviet Union all because he refused to go along with their wild schemes; and make things worse than they were.

Yet the message they hoped to send seemed to have got through, when on his trip to Texas JFK was met by hostile anti-communist protestors.

He also knew first-hand of the overreach of the CIA on the domestic front as well as their desire to stir up chaos abroad.

What JFK had was the uncanny ability to see the bigger picture; and where it all would lead. This made him a threat which meant he had to go.

I wonder what he would make of the corrupt alphabet-soup Intel agencies if he were here today. He said back then, I will smash the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it to the wind; words to this effect.

Did JFK know too much and did he threaten to expose it?

Exactly how much did he know? Well we pick up clues here and there in his speeches and in his sentiments.

Now I will let you in on a couple of scandals. America had its status changed in 1871 when it went from being a sovereign nation to a company. At the stroke of a pen it was registered as The US Federal Corporation.

So we now know the Republic lasted for all of 99 years.

To the question of what model of government the US would be based on, Benjamin Franklin was to say; a Republic……………… if you can keep it. Which leads us to wonder what did some of them know?

Then in 1913 The Federal Reserve was set up. The problem it was a contradiction in terms; as the first wholly owned National Bank.

If the US had become a Company earlier on now it had owners on board; the bankers had called dibs even if it was not what you call bought and paid for.

JFK’s Secret Societies Speech.

The entire speech can be broken down into two parts and note they are both linked.

First he warned of the dangers of secret societies and that of secrecy in general. Then he made mention of a huge conspiracy at work; one that was well-hidden from plain sight proving his point about the threat of all things conducted in secret.

He must have known that communism and capitalism were conceived, nurtured and birthed in the secret societies he warned of. They were merely tools of control towards an end, nothing more.

The same can be said for a good deal of dubious ideas.

“For we are opposed around the world by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy…….. So began the second part of his secret societies speech.

………that relies mainly on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence.”

He was right about the US being opposed that was the way of things since its beginning.

….”That relies on covert means for expanding its sphere of influence”….. Well, based on what we know that is what they did, not so?

JFK warned about the infiltration that was on the way and advised people to be aware of it.

It seemed that phase two of the conspiracy was ready to be put into action at this point.

To be able to capture the institutions they would need to subvert them. These tactics had been masterminded by the Soviet KGB over time; and with a lot of help from those on the inside they would succeed beyond their wildest dreams.

The Shadow Government Steps Out.

The first time we hear of a shadow government is in 1985 at the Iran contra hearings.

There were eye witness accounts of an unidentifiable force at work; one that flew in and out of the country at will. They gave new meaning to the phrase just doing their own thing. These people in fact seemed to have had their own chain of command and their own military.

This led the congressman for the state of Hawaii to put it down to the work of a shadow government.

That bit in the speech about being opposed… around the world…. most likely pointed to the globalists and their plan for a New World Order.

A plan that did not allow for a sole super power which meant the US would have to undergo a downgrade of sorts. A levelling as it were.

The internationalists could not afford to be outed at that stage of the game with so much at stake. A major reason why JFK was within their sights?



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