Strange Fire at Burning Man Festival; Worshippers Flee.

Ann Carriage
2 min readSep 4, 2023

Chaos has ensued at this year’s Burning Man Festival as the venue is turned into a giant mud pit; with as many as 70 000 people trapped in its strange snare. Reports say that access to the festival is closed for the remainder of the event; and only emergency vehicles will be let in.

And just like that and for the records Burning Man 2023 will be known as Rain Man 2023. Or how about Trench Foot 2023 as it is being called. Which is kind of ironic when you mull it over, no?

In video footage festival burners can be seen waiting in line for breakfast as they stand in shin-deep mud. In other clips camp-set-ups and large tents are shown to be completely ruined.

One caption on social media summed it up like this: Burning man is under water. The end of a dream.

In one tape a broadcaster for the burning man event is heard giving instructions to campers.

“Remain where you are, secure structures and belongings in your camp; don’t operate generators or other electrically-powered instruments standing in water, cover or secure anything electrical, check on your camp-mates and neighbors to make sure they’re okay and help them as needed, and take advantage of a moment of calm to connect with camp-mates and hunker down”

Panic broke out as rumors flew; was it an Ebola outbreak, radioactive distress or a national emergency call by FEMA.

We learn that one person has died as the result of the rains.

There are fears those trapped are at risk of hypothermia as a result of the icy temperatures. Food supplies are low and the drinking water is thought to be either contaminated or scarce.



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