Sorry Dems, but not Sorry. Here is the Bad News.

Ann Carriage
3 min readMay 14, 2024

“My take is that the US is incredibly unstable right now; and could go in almost any imaginable direction between now and the election.” — John Michael Greer

Be that as it may the country could take one or two unimaginable turns as well.

One thing is clear and it is that things are not looking good for the Dems as a party right now.

Higher profile libs are going into panic mode as they vent all over the place. As well they might.

There is a sense of things were not supposed to go this way, why is this happening. They are flummoxed certainly but for what reason? It is obvious to those outside of their bubble.

Is reality biting for them? In some strange way do they sense the writing is on the wall? No, they don’t get that part yet.

This is why we see these apparent mental breakdowns from their side.

This from James Carville; “it’s going the wrong way, it’s not working. Everything we’re throwing is spaghetti at a wall, and none of it is sticking; me included.”

Then there is Fareed Zakaria over on CNN. He confessed that “None of this is playing out the way I thought it would.” Gee, really?

Some Dems finally see the cliff.

Ex-president Bill Clinton lamented at a conference; “the political rewards of grievance politics and name-calling and being negative have been so immense, that nobody could give’em up. That’s what this whole shebang has come down to now.”

On the other side of the great divide there are whispers of a Trump landslide come November.

On the X platform a long-time Dem switches sides over the pro-Palestine protests that we see at US universities. Saying; that is it, I’m voting for Trump. I guess I will have to buy the red hat and gold sneakers next. How many others are thinking the same way at this moment?

Trump is pulling in the crowds. In a rally in Wildwood, New Jersey, one of the bluest states in the country, it was estimated that between eighty to a hundred-thousand voters showed up.

Just the thought would be enough to make Bruce Springsteen cry into his avocado toast.

A new Poll out just yesterday shows Trump is winning the war for the Battle Ground States. And according to a poll from KSTP/ Survey USA Trump is tied with Biden in the deep blue state of Minnesota. Quite a feat when you realize that Democrats have been winning here since 1972.

There has been other chatter too, more of the incredulous kind. Chit chat about RHINO’s and yes even Ex GOP never Trumpers; who will quietly sneak back to the fold.

Time is running out for the Dem Party to figure it out; as the tick-tok of the clock grows ever louder. They have six months for goodness sake.

So they have had their law fare and their bit of fun obstructing things for a while; so what comes next? What if anything lies in store for them? Will it be the strong-arm of the law but for them this time round? And with it a resounding game over.

Some in the GOP really believe it will be.

Just think sedition, treason, fraud, bribery and corruption and nail it to conspiring to carry out every one of them.

Or by chance do Democrats have some other scheme up their sleeve.



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