Something is off with the Maine Mass Shooting.

Ann Carriage
2 min readOct 27, 2023

Will we discover the perp was on a watch list for having a history of mental instability and it just so happens they know where to find him? Unless of course he makes a duck for it. Does this also mean his politics lured him into a trap set by agent provocateurs? What I mean is was he the one they used to do the job? This works the same way for any patsy.

An article by The New York Post refers.

Mass Shooter suspect Robert Card 40 opened fire inside Just- In-Time Recreation Bowling Alley and Schemengees Bar & Grille, both in Lewiston on Wednesday evening, killing 18 people and wounding at least 13, officials said

Now here is an article on Card himself. Said one headline; Card like Facebook posts that blamed the Trans community for mass shootings.

Card also liked posts attacking President Biden; and hates, hates political correctness. Okay stop. The idea is to paint a picture to drive a narrative. This is how it all works right; that is until it doesn’t.

Then they summon up a crock story about how the new hearing aids he had fitted sparked a manic episode.

All right so pull the other one it has bells on it. If he was hearing voices that drove him bonkers like they say there is some schizo going on. Just combine it with some good ‘ol MK Ultra mind-control and stir.

As if on cue Rep. Jared Golden calls for a ban on assault weapons. The time has come for me to take responsibility; I have opposed such a move up until now he has said.

Meanwhile Joe Biden has called on Congress to renew the assault weapons ban.

And the timing of the event….. well…. what to say? It comes hot on the heels of conservative and gun rights supporter Mike Johnson being voted in as House speaker. This means there will be no more back room deals with Dems for sure.

Card is still at large as the manhunt for him continues.



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