So you are an (Ex) Fundamentalist or Evangelical? Well ….I don’t believe you.

Ann Carriage
5 min readNov 10, 2023


It is seen as a good way to try and boost credentials or to get street cred as it were as they claim they are (ex) fundamental or (ex) evangelical. Well then all I have to say in response is I don’t believe them.

The first problem is it makes no sense from a statistics angle. It is just not possible; in fact it stretches credulity giving the impression that everyone at one stage or other was either a member of one group or the other.

Even if one makes allowances for Church hopping cafeteria Christianity or the so-called seekers of all types who beat a path to the door; it still does not add up. Sure these may have resulted in a surge of visitors at first who quickly moved down the line and out; but all they did was to pass through.

Bashing fundamentalists is a good ‘ol US pastime. Face it nobody liked them even when they were hardly seen or heard. After the internet kicked off everybody and their dog was an ex fundamentalist; at their own say so. Aah how I remember that so well, fun times. This was a few years after 9/11 when everyone went on a fundamentalist bashing spree as they bought into the lines no make that lies that were put out there.

It was also in the glory days of the new atheists who exploited the situation for all it was worth. And then some more. Do you mean to tell me this was just a coincidence? No never! I am convinced it was not.

Then came the election of Donald Trump in 2016 and the fundamentalist tag was dropped. They were tethered to evangelicals forevermore; and they would be known from that time on as, well evangelical.

And so a brand new and even bigger whipping boy was born.

The gist of it is Americans place great store in their personal experiences. When it comes to the experiences of those they disagree with though, not so much. Thus it can be said they have a very subjective way of looking at things. As in been there done that and moved on. Not so fast please it is not the way this works.

Open but empty minds.

It has been said the purpose of an open mouth is to close it on something; so then the same can be said for an open mind.

Be open to new ideas is what they say but what they mean is at least until you agree with me; then just stop right there. It is all so cynical.

We construct out own views through the use of symbols and narratives. Here is the part that folks miss; they both require interpretation.

Many live in this state of pre-critical naivety when what they need is to critically reflect on things. And to be honest many never even get this far. The problem with the critical process is it creates a desert. How many have said I deconstructed my way right out of the faith. Of course you did. Then one is left with nothing. This is why people who deconstruct are more often most of the time left hanging there. Then they told they can pick the views they like to begin to reconstruct; which means basically zilch.

To revise means to review a thing not to just fill in the blanks with something else or make it up as you go along. Here is the trick though. Once you have evaluated what still holds, close that mind; lest the whole lot falls out.

One learns to understand then to retain otherwise what is the point? Without it the mind is just a sieve.

There is no virtue in having an open mind for its own sake. So folks fool themselves.

Get to Grips With Theology.

Don’t say theology is unimportant it just makes you look …how I shall say it…. stupid. Then you a mindless can’t get to grips with it all type. Or a progressive; they one and the same anyway.

Knowledge of theology is at an all- time low thanks to social media and the dearth of proper teaching, Oh there’s some good stuff out there; it’s just not in many Churches. People can’t be bothered to look either they don’t search a thing out contrary to what the wider public may say. This view lines up with scripture as well so there you are.

If you sum up Christianity with the words love God and love your neighbour; sorry you have it wrong. Now if you a Jew you might have a point.

Nor was Jesus a rebel who broke all the rules. So get those books sorted out not to mention those rules.

Do not identify with what you not.

If you do not believe as an evangelical does you not one. If you are not orthodox do not claim the title. This is basic stuff. People who like to defy description love to self-identify. Maybe they rebels? Thing is they don’t fool anyone; except for themselves.

Why do you insist on playing silly buggers? What do you hope to achieve?

The Crisis Today.

We in unchartered territory the heresy that confronts the Church today is not one of ideology; but has everything to do with anthropology. The clashes in the past were over the nature of God; this time it’s over the nature of man; which involves the nature of God. How could it not?

This was not on the map before; there was no need, until such a time as this.

What we have on the one hand is a big political and a secular issue. On the other it comes with huge theological and spiritual consequences for the sacred side of things.

One who calls himself a recovering academic lays this state of affairs at the door of rad feminism saying; the movement duped the Church. While he makes some good points a lot of us knew feminism was a ruse a long time ago. Or did you think it was just about equal opportunities for women? Nah scratch that.

No one believes its merry band of allies were in it for the fun of it. No, they were in it to get something out of it. Even if this meant they would have to push real women who weren’t on board with it out of the way. Male feminists they were; or so they said. And the rad feminists driving it what were they? Work it out will you.



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