Shenanigans in the GOP

As a rule if you want to know the direction things are headed just follow the talking points.

There is trouble between two factions within the GOP; and they are the establishment RINO’s and Trump’s MAGA’s.

You know it is a big deal when everyone from the left leaning press like the WAPO, Fox News and social media all plug the same lines ad nauseum.

It looks as if the dreamers and schemers have been hard at it, conspiring away. It is so obvious; I mean everyone and their dog seem to have a stake in this outcome. This is how you can tell and take note this is how it will roll.

The talking points go like this. It is time for a new Republican party, the days of Trump are behind us, we must hand the mantle to a new populist leader; Ron Se Santos.

Trump is so yesterday besides he is rude, crude and all that. Social media has accused Trump of being sulky and jealous of De Santos. That big ego problem of his; tsk tsk.

Of course they could just as easily be trolls pushing it, but no matter. It just proves the point. Will any Conservative voter fall for the hype? There will always be those who are easily swayed I suppose but there is nothing that can be done for them.

Want to bet Trump knows that the you know who faction of the GOP is busy collaborating against him.

Now he is being blamed for the poor showing of certain Republican candidates fielded in this election, like Dr Oz and company. Because he endorsed them.

What people fail to realize is that the DNC spent money and effort to bring in off-field Republican candidates to pit against their own. This allowed them to look better and to win the seats.

What of the ones who they’ve bought and paid for who were voted in some while back; hiding out of plain sight?

The scheme is a multifaceted one as these things usually are.

It is to stop Trump running for president in 2024; and to cut his ties with the GOP. It is to advance the chances of the RHINO’s; but most of all the Democrats.

De Santos has been fast tracked to replace him and after that who knows. As a governor he has a good track record but as a president? Which raises the question; either he has been bought off, or nobody really knows much about him.

If De Santos has been compromised how far will he go?

Then there are the MAGA supporters in the GOP; will they continue to be discredited, in the hope that a way will be found to push them out.

Or do these MAGA‘s have plans to meet this threat head on?

There’s talk De Santos is going to file against Trump in the next few weeks re 1/6. And you will never guess who is said to be on his political team. Why it’s Paul Ryan, Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney. There is also Mitch McConnell hiding in there.

This fight is so much bigger than the GOP that much is certain.

In fact those outside the party have more than a passing interest in how this plays out. They are invested in this.

Then there are the other actors aside from the RHINO’s.

They are the never-Trumpers, members of the Lincoln Project and last but not least the Dems.

You could say when all three of them lick their chops at the same time watch out; something is stinking up the place; somewhere.

Are they hoping like mad that the MAGA’s will leave the GOP and start their own party just to get rid of them?

Will they even offer to carry their bags? Sounds like a plan. Like I said watch those talking points.


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Ann Carriage

Political animal, interested in the story behind the story. A concepts driven individual.