Sensate Culture Rules Our Times.

Ann Carriage
2 min readFeb 16, 2024


Sensate, now let’s see, it has to do with the senses and can be sensational in its way. Make that a yes on both counts.

Here are the differences between what is called an ideational culture and a sensate culture. In a sensate culture reality is perceived by the five senses; the first one is sight where people believe the world is how it is portrayed or as how they see it. Appearances are everything; as it appears so it is. The trouble is as we all know appearances can be deceptive.

Ideational people on the other hand like to go deep; they have an aversion to the superficial, the illusionary, and the unreal. They strive to seek out the real reality beyond that which is put out there for us to just taste. Though to consume it is more like what they want us to do. Do I need to say that such things always come with an angle?

We can say that while sensate culture has its basis in a reality based on the external; ideational culture relies on the internal. Most important of all it needs to be based on evaluation. There is a kind of take-stock to it which is absent in the other type.

Sensate culture is sensational, it is meant to grab attention; then to get a reaction. It is also designed to shock. Of course it is an appeal to the senses no less. Just leave your thinking and all you know at the door and you will be okay. Rather let someone else do it for you.

Now for an observation on the He gets us campaign with its dodgy foor washing ad and I’ll say no more.

I’ve noticed so-called conservative Christians are getting behind this for reasons all of their own. It’s an outreach moment? What’s that you say!

One headline reads- Hobby Lobby Founders show Christians How to Respond to Cultural Animosity; no I am not kidding.

And how would that be? Get down with it? Aren’t you supposed to be above this type of thing?

Another read; you are called to this cultural moment.

It sounds like a if you can’t beat ’em join’ em.

Believe me you are not speaking truth to culture buds.

Manipulation just does not do it.



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