See You Are Not Deceived.

To be honest I fear for people’s minds. Not the mentally ill they in their own category but the so-called normies who supposed to know better and be of sound mind. And yet……

It is the way people think and their inability to pause and reflect on what it is they are trying to say that is the worry.

Many do keep their heads but they vastly outnumbered by those who do not. This culture is the predicted Orwellian leveler we were told so much about; and it is doing a good job trying to drag as many as it can down to Ground Zero. And it does everything in its power to ensure that they stay there; nice and subservient like.

If the pull of this vapid culture is so strong that it can override any benefit of natural, inherited intelligence, as a study spanning four decades shows; then the maxim Guard your Mind must be your guide at all times.

There are these funny ideas that while people are free to hold their own opinions they should not really be allowed to express them. So wither Freedom of Expression.

Or better yet that there should be some sort of trade off; your side admit to this before we will concede to that, so they seek an accommodation to equalize things out. One that works to their benefit.

What they fail to appreciate is that no one should be sucked or suckered into having to agree, ever.

When you say that is your opinion and this is mine they just don’t get it. There does not have to be some sort of bridge between the two; that is Hegelian dialectics and we don’t do that, okay!

Even the average Joe thinks it’s his duty to act as an agent of persuasion, for what! So the blind is determined to lead the blind.

There are reasons we at this place, yes its thanks mainly to the cultural propagandists; but there is this baffling naivety of populations at large as well.

You learn what is being discussed by leaders behind closed doors, and think to yourself; that would be quite appropriate in a chick tract under the name The Last Generation.

Then you read headlines like this one; Norwegian feminist is being investigated under Hate Crime Charges for saying MEN cannot be lesbians …….and you just know. We have come full circle.

And if you think I’m being dramatic bear in mind this is a denial of reality at its most basic level.

Yes people who plug this type of thing want to establish their own truth, so there is that. Nevertheless they have sealed their own fate on the quick sands of unreality.

Speak the truth and you will quickly discover that every liar hates you; this is a fact.

But there is more to it, lies are the norm now so when truth is spoken it shocks; it is seen as radical.

Or put another way; in a time of universal deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

Looking back in history the aim of propagandists has always been to get their opponents to backtrack; to admit that they might even be right. Dare I say to side with them.

Some; although they may not agree with the propagandists aims, give up, because they no longer have the will to resist the endless activism. But this is the aim; to weary their opponents.

This gist of it they become the unwitting supporters of the regime.

Those who are quick to accede to the demands of the culture even apologize for its opponents should take heed.

It should be remembered that intellectuals have not had a great track record of being resilient in the face of tyranny.

Indeed as it has been pointed out; it is the intellectuals who are most susceptible to propaganda.

And it is for these reasons:

1. They [intellectuals] absorb the largest amount of second hand, unverifiable information;

2. they feel a compelling need to have an opinion on every important question of our time, and thus easily succumb to opinions offered to them by propaganda

3. They consider themselves capable of ‘judging for themselves

Bear in mind that propagandists never rest; even while we are at sleep.



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Ann Carriage

Political animal, interested in the story behind the story. A concepts driven individual.