RFK Jnr. Trails Biden by just 1 Percent.

Ann Carriage
1 min readMay 10, 2023

Here then are the results of a poll for the Dem ticket.

A new Rasmussen poll shows Joe Biden leading, just barely, at 36%, with RFK Jnr. trailing him at 35%, while third option Marianna Williamson receives just 6% of the vote.

The poll as you can guess quizzed voters choices for the US primaries out of the three.

When party affiliation was taken into account though Joe Biden received 62% of Dem support; while 19 percent of Dems- or 1 in five- voted for RFK Jnr.

Yet Kennedy would receive wider bipartisan support; as much as 50 % of Republicans and 36 percent of independent voters might cast their vote for him. Which works out to 4% more overall support for him than Biden?

When it comes to good impressions Kennedy scored well, with 53 percent of Dems- more than half- having a favourable impression of him; with 15 percent uncertain.

One in five Dems would consider voting for Trump and Kennedy over Biden and Harris; and 72% of Republicans would favour both Trump and Kennedy.



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