Revolution is in the Air US Style.

Ann Carriage
3 min readMay 3, 2024

The summer of love protests cum riots have started early this time round; even for an election year. Others are calling it the woke riots and in my view that sounds about right.

The Chaz spirit lives on in universities all across the US.

President Biden is due to address the nation tonight on this topic. To put a finer point on it; he will most likely address the targeting of Jews by pro-Palestinian supporters on campuses. Then of course there is the violence that has gone along with it in quite a few cases. In short this is about claims of a growing anti-Semitism in the US.

While Democrats talk about possible foreign involvement in these protests the question is; might it not be a cop out?

We have heard the foreign interference trope for so long and that has been proved to be without basis so what makes it different now. This is election year after all like I said. There is also a war in the Middle East and one looming in Eastern Europe.

Oh don’t get me wrong the whole thing is orchestrated all right. The question is by whom?

How about Antifa and its many cohorts in all its shapes and sizes for one. What is more just who is pulling the strings of these groups?

While there are many Middle Eastern Muslim students on American campuses as they study here, or maybe they are citizens; there are an awful lot of white liberal US kids as well. So just what is the deal?

The Telegraph calls these pro-Palestinian rallies the omen of much worse to come. Western societies are being poisoned by the virus of victimhood and entitlement. Decades of indoctrination have got to them. The whole thing is a social experiment gone awry. Their heart is not in the right place they say. Now the students will argue otherwise; they believe they really good social justice warriors, but maybe there is something more disturbing at work. The thing is they don’t follow the issues and are ignorant for the most part. Anybody can spew forth sound bites.

One US guy who got up to address protestors was almost incoherent. That did not stop his outrage he insisted that Palestinians were students also; just like him. The just like him part is worrying. Is he claiming they think exactly like he does? How would he know this anyhow? There is a steep culture divide between young Palestinians and this student; and his simplistic way of looking at things is of no help. What is more, we are told that he identifies as non-binary too.

One commentator describes what we see playing out in front of us as suicidal empathy. What if it is just an empathy for evil?

If so, should we not be the ones to worry.



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