Strengthening Anglo American Empire; now we know what the Secret Meeting in Australia was about.

A secret meeting held in Australia on Wednesday said to be on a soon-to-be ’major international development’ had everyone guessing; now we know what that was.

It was a security pact between the US, Great Britain and Australia to counter any goal China may have in the South Pacific region; well in part, maybe?

Under this pact with the acronym AUKUS, Australia will buy nuclear submarines from the US; and dump its $90 billion submarine deal with France.

In addition, the three countries will co-operate on A.I. and nuclear technology.

The artificial intelligence aspect has people worried that stricter mass surveillance is on the way; as it is these countries that have adopted the most draconian lock down measures; and in other areas as well.

But it’s the political implications of this deal that has everyone weighing in.

Former British Prime Minister Theresa May asks whether this pact means Britain could be dragged to war with China over Taiwan.

Which would be the case if China invades that land?

In reply Boris Johnson was careful not to rule out the option, changing gears to spew out mealy mouthed political platitudes.

But the US and Britain are facing growing international criticism over the security pact; so far France has claimed it has being stabbed in the back.

China says there’s a cold war mentality with the alliance of these three nations, and these three English speaking countries do represent a new Anglo American Empire of sorts, and that must stick in the craw of Europe.

Meanwhile, French diplomats in Washington have cancelled a gala to celebrate ties between the US and France on the heels of news of the pact.

Former French ambassador to the US Gérard Araud said; the US knew this contract was essential to French national interests, and the US didn’t care.

As far as Europe is concerned Biden has demonstrated he is not what he seems and support of him has been misplaced.

In Brussels, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell echoed the French minister’s complaints. “I suppose that an agreement of this nature was not cooked up the day before yesterday.

It takes a certain amount of time, and despite that, no, we were not consulted,” he said. “That obliges us, once again … to reflect on the need to put European strategic autonomy high on the agenda.”

And so it has begun; on Thursday the European Union unveiled a new strategy in the Indo-Pacific just hours after the announcement of the new ‘English’ pact.

Rest assured there’ll be a lot more revising to follow.

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