Ramping Up Divides inside the U.S.

Ann Carriage
4 min readJun 13, 2020

Scapegoating and lies so bizarre a twelve-year-old child would have difficulty believing, sowed acrimonious division leading to the U.S. Civil War One Hundred and Fifty-Nine years ago.

The North won the Civil War but at great cost, killing one third of the population in just four short years, now hostility against the white South continues as old prejudices and caricatures are directed at people of the fly-over states.

But the distrust works both ways with Southerners accusing the East and West coast populist states of New York and California of working to eliminate the Constitutional Republic in favor of a one man one vote electoral system.

The Second Civil War, if that’s what this is, covers the same geographical divide only this time within the broader context of the political left-right wing split.

The two sides interpret everything differently, the news, current events even history itself, they literally have no common ground, a recipe for disaster if ever there was one.

While this polarization has been bubbling beneath the surface since the sixties sexual-cultural revolution, it ratcheted up at the turn of the Twentieth First Century as it morphed into a clash of worldviews imitating Samuel Huntington’s predicted Clash of Civilizations as the new source of conflict in and between nations.

Lies from the Past

There’s no doubt American history has been deliberately distorted; assassinated ‘60’s civil rights leader and Christian pacifist, Martin Luther King, was fashioned a new identity in contrast to what’s officially understood about him, sometime after his death.

With the suspect radical notes ‘Letters from a Birmingham Jail’ accredited to him by dubious sources, he gained the ill-gotten role of Marxist demagogue because dead men tell no tales.

Now, alleged tapes in the possession of the FBI point to King as some sort of sexual deviant, completing the full- out assault on his character, separating him from his roots, all for the sake of expediency.

Ironically, both sides claim Luther King as one of their own but for quite different reasons.

Although conservatives are held responsible for the Jim Crow laws and the KKK, there’s a twist in the tail when the finger points to Democrats like Nathan Bedford Forrest and Harry F Byrd Snr.

Bedford “Forrest” a Democrat who served in the Confederate Army was labelled a genius General, but more importantly was a First Grand Wizard in the Ku Klux Klan.

As a Democrat, Byrd Senior, supported segregationist policies and was part of a powerful Democratic lobby in Virginia known as The Resistance.

Dems counter these examples using expected convoluted arguments which go something like this; today’s Republicans are the descendants of the Democrats of the Civil War era.

Then, after the passing of civil rights laws, Democrats and Republicans switched parties, somehow, with progressive Republicans joining the Democrats while conservative Dems left the party to become Republicans.

Anyone’s head hurting yet?

Yet the son of Byrd Senior switched parties, becoming a Republican, while retaining the same views as his father without so much as a blink, and there’re many who follow the same route.

With some regarded as Republican in name only the same general rule can be applied to the Democratic Party as well.

Despite the Democrats lurching further left-over time, how is someone like Bernie Sanders an old style Communist, accounted for in their ranks, and he’s just one glaring example, among others.

Few historians mention the name Albert Pike, a senior military officer in the Confederate Army and a 33 Degree Freemason to boot, at the very top rank of the organization.

It makes one wonder if the above and other unmentioned bad apple military men fighting on the side of the South were pawns of the North, as it’s just too coincidental somehow.

Why isn’t the Freemasons role, or that of Pike himself, ever questioned, what part did his organization play in inciting a civil war, not to mention distorting history.

Top ranking Freemasons don’t take sides, they take the long view and play sides, so the question is certainly worth considering.

Amplifying voices of the far left and right

This is what its all about, for every far-left voice there must be an opposing far right one.

There’s the lefts Antifascists, the rights Proud Boys, and the who knows what Boogaloo Boys some claim as right wing, while others not so much, so just maybe they’re a combination of both just to throw more confusion into the mix.

Expect these voices to reinvent and get louder with lots of push from behind the scenes in this orchestrated Clash of the Titans.



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